First of all i want to tell you,that i can make a lot of mistake while writing,because im Albanian,from Kosovo.
Everything Happened when i started high school,first year.In High School i met a friend ,who looked to be a really good friend! I started to stay with him a lot,we were out for coffee everyday and stuffs like this.
But i had a problem.I could not concentrate in “learning“,and one day my friend told me“Lirik,i think i have the cure for you“,and i was like“What is that?“Than He said“Marihuana“,i was like“Hell no!`
And i was really mad.But days were going and i was just getting worst with `school“,so one day desperated i asked this friend if he can bring me some weed.He brought the weed,and I started to smoke,and actually it really helped me to concetrate,and there was my FALL.Than after that,i started to smoke more and more and more,and i felt that i`ve started to get addicted from marihuana.BUT,one day i was walking and i saw some persons playing HANDBALL.I was approached to see what was happening.Than i started to talk with them,and they told me that they were Christian MISSIONARIES here is KOSOVO.I was muslim,because in Kosovo 98% of the population is Muslim.I began to go to their meeting,and TALKING about Jesus.One day when i was going in bed,to sleep,and i started to pray to Allah,and i thought“lets just give a try(to pray to Jesus) “and i prayed“Jesus,if you`re a God please help me to leave marihuana“,but i was 99% sure that Jesus was just a prohpet and not a God and he CAN`T help me.Than,days were going,and with time “i didnt had the feeling of SMOKING anymore“,i was “FREE FROM MARIHUANA“ and this was the first MIRACLE OF JESUS IN ME.Than i decided to help my friend who taught me to SMOKE.I was like,praying all the time for him,and what was UNBELIEVING is that,HE STOPPED SMOKING TOO…this was the GREATEST THING THAT I EVER SEEN.
God Bless All Of You,and stay STRONG in your faith in Jesus,cuz that FAITH is the ABSOLUTE TRUE ONE.