st. patrick’s day

St Patrick also known as the “Apostle of Ireland” is a bishop of Ireland. It is believed that he was the one who proposed Christianity first in Ireland and spread it wide. He has significantly made a great contribution towards Christianity. After his death, that day every year is celebrated as St Patrick’s Day which is on 17th of March. The people all over celebrate this day with everything in green, initially color for this day was chosen blue later on the change in the name happened because of its name “The Emerald Isle” and the green color in its flag too. They wear green clothes, add green color to their food and enjoy eating different food items.

There is special Irish cuisine which is specially arranged for people to eat on that day which includes corned beef and cabbage, Shepherd pie, beef and Guinness pie, Irish stew, Irish soup and some mouth watering delicacies like chocolate mouse cake with special Irish cream, chocolate ice-cream which kids enjoy to the fullest. It is also said that highest consumption of beverages also takes place during this day in Ireland. St Patrick’s Day uses Shamrocks that is leaf of clover plant as its symbol which is the national flower of Ireland. Interestingly, this flower has three leaves each leaf which spreads the message of faith, hope, love and luck. St.Patricks parade is taken out on that day where people dressed up like him in green with lots of pomp and show.

St.Patricks day history:

St Patrick’s was a Romanian apostle born somewhere in second half of 4th century. His birth place and date is exactly not known but somewhere near Scotland with the name Maewyn Succat later on he was called by public St.Patricks. When he was young he was kidnapped by Irish traders and was taken as slave. His imprisonment was taken by him as a punishment for not having much faith in God and so started praying and getting indulge with religion deeply. After that he managed escaping to his families back in his home town. Eventually as time passed by he started studying more about the religion and one day he happened to get a dream of Irish people calling him. So, he decides to go and preach them not immediately but after he is completely ready. So, after few years he goes Ireland as a priest and is credited for having started Christianity on land of Ireland. He also helped them get rid of snakes and make them snake’s free country. He has made a greater and magnificent contribution to Christianity and preached people about the same.

St.Patricks day stories:

On this day there is celebration worldwide. People celebrate in their own way and eat and drink together. For instance, it may interest you to know that Chicago celebrates this day in a unique way by showing its river in sparkling Emerald green, streets filled with joyous crowd and parades. St Patrick’s church in Dublin is the national cathedral of church in Ireland where there are special prayers and special lyrics on this day with celebration all around. St Patrick’s Day images evidently show the level of enthusiasm and excitement among the people.

So what do you think? This St Patrick’s day make it special by celebrating with your loved once and showering all happiness and love for them.