Sunday School Songs

Latest Telugu Christian Sunday school video action songs lyrics mp3 free download

Early age is the best time to introduce someone to God. There are many ways in which parents can teach their children to praise the Almighty. Visiting church every Sunday, reading the Holy Bible, thanking the Lord before every meal, or praying each night before going to bed, these are some of the ways in which we can bring our children closer to God. But, one of the most fun ways of keeping their faith in God and the presence of God in their lives is the joy of praising God through music and by introducing them to Sunday School Songs for children.

There are various Sunday school Christian songs for children that we learned as a child. These Sunday school action songs are perfect to sing in school, at home, during vacation, while gardening, or for the car. And through it, you will be bonding over your love for Lord.

Our has a huge collection of Sunday school video songs with full clarity and high speed. Children will enjoy the video songs by watching them. We have songs for all age groups of children. We also have bible stories for children.

Children Sunday school songs mp3 free download

These Christian Sunday school songs for children will remind them that they are never alone because God never abandons their children.

And these Sunday school bible songs will also tell them that their prayers never go unheard and that God will bless them with good health and happiness and will stand by their side and provide them strength when they need it the most. is the best Christian site that has Jesus Sunday school songs in your own languages.we also have Sunday school song lyrics so your kids can learn the song. You can easily download the popular Telugu Christian songs and improve your spirituality.

Don’t forget to share the Sunday school songs in Telugu with other kids. So that they can hear the song and enjoy them. Stay tuned with our page to enjoy much more music. Keep in touch with us.

Sunday School Songs

‘Deep Cries Out’ by Bethel Music Kids

This song has a dance beat and pop-style lyrics which tells about depending or relying on Jesus to be a guide through a life that is full of ups and downs, and surely you will feel like to play this song on loop.

Sunday School Songs

‘I’m In The Lord’s Army by Go Fish

This extended version of the famous song, “I’m in the Lord’s Army,” will teach our children to face and participate in a proverbial battle for God.

Sunday School Songs

‘He Is The Light’ by Cave Quest VBS

This song which is based on 1 John 1:5, drives home the point that God will act as a ray of light in times of darkness.

Sunday School Songs

‘Jesus Loves Me’ by Listener Kids

This calm and composed version of the classic song, sung by children, will motivate your children to believe in the power and love of Jesus and in the beautiful and meaningful teachings of the Holy Bible.

Sunday School Songs

‘This Is Amazing Grace’ by Bethel Music Kids

This beautiful song ‘This Is Amazing Grace’ by Bethel Music Kids pays tribute to Lord who sacrificed the life of his son for the good of his people and to Jesus Christ for giving up his life to pardon all of our sins.

Sunday School Songs

‘I Am Yours’ by Elevation Church Kids

This song gives a beautiful message to help your children understand that regardless of feeling threatened, weak, and scared. Jesus will always have their backs.

Sunday School Songs

‘Hallelu, Hallelu’ by Sing Hosanna

This song happens to be children’s favourite and this song is about praising the Lord.

Sunday School Songs

Telugu Christian Sunday School MP3 Songs List