Telugu Easter Songs

List of the heart touch top happy easter songs in Telugu free download

Easter is a special occasion in every Christian life. This is the day Jesus Christ was resurrected from death. He sacrificed his life on the cross for our sins. So every around the world goes to the churches and worship the Lord by singing Easter songs and remembering his sacrifice. This Easter Sunday is an important day for every Christian.

So our decided to upload the easter songs in Telugu for all Telugu people to sing and worship the lord on Easter Sunday. We also have easter songs in Telugu mp3 free download. You can listen to the songs and download them for free. We give access to download the song and convert them into mp3 and mp4. You can hear these songs during the fasting days and glorify Him.

Telugu easter mp3 audio and video songs free download

We also have Telugu easter song lyrics. We provide lyrics so that you can understand the meaning of the song and learn the song. We have the latest collection of easter songs in Telugu. You can listen to the songs and download them. We also have Telugu easter video songs with full clarity and high speed. is the best Christian site that has a huge collection of Christmas songs, easter songs, good Friday songs, lent songs. Share our page with your friends and relatives so that they can also hear the songs and enjoy them. Stay tuned with our page to enjoy much more music.