The Evil of Bloodshed of Innocent People


Numbers 35:33

“Then do not pollute the land where you live; for blood pollutes the land, and no atonement can be made for the land for the bloodshed in it, but with the blood of him who shed it.”

Dear people of God, you can see from today’s leading Holy Bible text that a country is tainted when there is bloodshed of innocent lives in it. Bloodshed is a very offensive act as far as God is concerned.

See what God says in Ezekiel 36:18, “Then I poured out my wrath upon them for the blood they had shed upon the land, and for their idols with which they had defiled it.”

From the above verses, therefore, it is awful to see a nation like Nigeria deal with gloves with children shedding innocent blood by people who have not committed any crime.

In almost every part of the nation, people are kidnapped and murdered almost daily. Ritual killers operate freely, terrorists have a field day, kidnap rages and collect ransom from their victims.

Women are raped and killed, spouses kill each other for very unclear reasons, and no one is arrested or brought to book for these crimes.

To make matters worse, the government is showing no concern, nor are the security agencies concerned to investigate and bring those guilty to justice.

Every one of them is only busy chasing money, money, money and power, power, power. Many times I just wonder what the workers of government and security agencies do when they resume work from Monday to Friday, every month, year round.

How exactly do these people’s minds work? Why aren’t they just bothered by these avoidable incidents? Has it occurred to them that there is a spiritual implication to all these uncontrolled accidents affecting the country?

Why do they continue as if it is not human life that is wasted day by day almost daily? How do they sleep at night with these events that are within their authority to control?

How can a person receive wages every month for work he never performs and his conscience never bothers him?

Everyone is a human being before they belong to any other group or association, regardless of name. Humans are holy to God.

This is a wakeup call to Christians of Nigeria descent living in and outside the country. Let us get on our knees sincerely and ask God to have mercy on this nation called Nigeria.

Let us ask God to intervene to stop the bloodshed. Let us sincerely repent of sin and evil. As Christians, let us change our own ways and decide to abide by the standards of the Holy Bible. Let’s stop bribery and corruption.

Let Christians wake up to their responsibilities and be the light of Christ wherever we are. Let’s stop teaming up with wicked people to pollute the country through cooperation.

Let us cast the ethnic origin of the people and see everyone first as a creation of God.

Join me to pray this sincere prayer for this nation called Nigeria.

Heavenly Father, we thank you for this day and for our nation Nigeria. We thank you for the opportunity you have given us to witness everything that is happening in this nation. We know that evil does not come from you, but from the devil and his agents.

We know that you have said in your word in 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, pray, seek, seek, and require my face and turn from their wickedness. ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their country. “

Father, have mercy and forgive us Nigerians for our wickedness, selfishness and evil ways in this nation. Please forgive the insensitivity of our political leaders and security agencies at all levels to the avoidable bloodshed of innocent lives that have polluted the country and inflicted your anger.

Please also be merciful and forgive those of our religious leaders and congregations who have refused to take a stand against the evil in the country, but who have chosen to join the wicked to pollute the country with complicity.

Please help us and put an end to all these atrocities committed by the devil’s agents. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we take authority over this nation and we rebuke any evil spirit who has worked freely to promote evil and non-challenge among those whose responsibility it is to stop these calamities.

We ask that you open the minds and eyes of those who have the authority to see the spiritual implication of their non-challenge in their work to protect the lives and property of citizens so that they can repent sincerely and change their ways to to take full responsibility.

We humbly pray, dear Lord, that you rise up for us, godly leaders and people who would do anything from fear of you, Almighty God, and would obey any commandment you have given us in your word.

We humbly pray that you bring justice to everyone at all levels who refuses to repent and change his or her ways of affirming to your holy word.

Thank you Father, for we have prayed in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

May the good Lord bless you as you follow His word today, act on it, and share with others in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.