Preschool teaching activity: Stimulating children’s minds


It is important for those who work with preschoolers to carefully choose a preschool teaching activity. Teaching preschoolers is a rewarding experience, and young children are like flexible putty in the hands of their preschool teacher. Those who teach children, especially kindergartens, experience one of the finest joys that life has to offer. If you’ve ever seen the eyes of a younger child become wonderful as they see a new being emerge in front of their sight – as with a science-based teaching activity in preschool, you understand the true benefits of teaching children.

Choosing the best preschool learning activity for young children will improve their skills, prepare them for kindergarten and help them develop important new skills. Some skills that are critical to early childhood development include:

o Language arts / literature

or math

or science

o Social studies / character building

o Physical education / health

You need to make sure that any preschool learning activity you choose will improve the child’s understanding and awareness of these core skills and developmental areas. Language skills are critical to developing an understanding of reading, writing, speaking, listening and communication. Some simple language activities may include listening to games, rhyming and following oral instructions.

Mathematics is important for the early learner’s awareness of numbers, spatial concepts, patterns, and how mathematics relates to their daily environment. Math preschool activities may include counting, estimating, reading books that focus on numbers and using topics such as toy cash registers and number-based puzzles.

Science and social skills are important for children to develop an understanding and awareness of the world around them. It is important to teach children how to draw conclusions, ask questions, and observe the world in which they live.

Teaching children the importance of health and physical fitness through play is not only fun, but it is also important to develop their sense of self. Activities must promote safety, hygiene skills and health through proper nutrition.