Sorrow into Joy: Daily Bible Thought for the Day

[The Lord bestows] on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning. Isaiah 61:3. The author of Isaiah was King Hezekiah. Isaiah is a Hebrew prophet who prophesied about the son of God.

How God turns sorrow into joy in the – daily bible promise

In the first verse, the spirit of the Lord is upon me. Isaiah prophetically spoke this word for Christ. The Lord will anoint the messiah, and he will bind up the brokenhearted and to give liberty to the captives and to release the who is bound in prison.

He was appointed to comfort all who mourn. Instead of ashes, he will give beauty to his people. Instead of mourning, he will give the oil of joy and the garments of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

The son of God who turns our sorrow into joy in daily bible promise verse:

In psalms, 30:11 God will turn mourning into dancing and put off my sackcloth and clothes us with gladness. When we are in times of sorrow, God will make us glad. In John 16:20, when we will be sorrowful god will turn our sorrow into joy.

In Isaiah 61:10, we should greatly rejoice in the Lord because he has clothed with the garments of salvation. He was also covered with the robe of righteousness. When we receive the garments of linen, they are the symbol of righteousness.

In Psalms 45:7, if we love righteousness and hate wickedness. Then God will anoint with the oil of gladness. Jeremiah 31:13-14 says he will comfort us and turn our mourning into joy, and he will give us gladness for sorrow.

In revelation, 21:4 says Jesus Christ will wipe our tears, and there will be no death and no crying, no pain, no mourning in his presence.

Few examples in our bible who turn out ashes into beauty by God in everyday bible verse:

Job was a righteous man who honored God, but he lost everything, then he sat in the ashes, and he knew that without God, he was nothing. Then God blessed him double folded.
When Daniel and his people were suffering under captivity, he prayed to God to show his mercy. He re[pented and confessed his sin. In daniel 9:3 says daniel turned his face to the Lord and prayed with fasting and sackcloth and ashes. He knows that God will give him strength.

God never wants us to stay stuck in our pains, sufferings, sins, sorrows. He heals and restores everything. He always reminds us that he is there for us. There is a light behind every darkness. In the same way, we will have beauty behind the ashes. The ashes will fade away if we trust in him. But his greatness and glory will shine forever through every broken heart.


Christian Music Portal comes up with bible verses to read daily with the most inspirational Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Sometimes we feel pain and suffering in our lives, and then we should ask God to give strength in times of weakness. When we are brokenhearted, we need to ask his spirit to shine in our hearts.

We need to give thanks every day in our prayers so that the darkness will fade away from our lives. We need to thank him because he is the one who gives us victory. He will make all things new. Thank him for turning mourning into dancing and giving us the garment of salvation, beauty out of ashes.

He conquered death, and we have victory only through him. Out of the ashes, we will have a new life.

Father Lord Almighty, thank you, Lord, for turning my ashes into beauty and giving us hope in difficult circumstances. I pray, Amen.

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