The myth of menstruation

Along with my good friend and brother, Pastor Phil Valentine (metaphysician out of New York), the female menstrual cycle is normal, but NOT natural. Since the human body has the innate ability to adapt to pathologies, irregularities and abnormalities, the female body (ever since the great fall nearly 6,000 years ago, and which has absolutely nothing to do with a fictional biblical character named Eve) has adapted say pathology for menstruation and is now using this process as a purification method to rid the female body of toxins and waste.

The female body has taken what is unnatural (to bleed and lose the vital life essence) and transformed this process into a normal female body function. Because of the menstrual cycle, women now have an additional eliminating canal in the vagina, bringing their total value to six main eliminating canals (colon, lungs, kidneys, liver, skin and vagina). It is because of this sixth elimination channel that women the body of women with unnecessary waste and toxins that women generally survive men by seven years.

Why is menstruation considered an unpleasantness? Because it is not natural or nature (free). It is rare to find a mammal that lives and eats according to the laws of nature to have a menstrual cycle. Have you ever witnessed a female horse, gorilla, elephant, buffalo, monkey, hippopotamus, giraffe, zebra, rhino or cow that has a menstrual discharge? Don’t you think that an active and greedy man would have devised feminine pillows and tampons for these animals to prevent the wasting and loss of excessive amounts of blood? Why, of course, the businessman would have, just as he did for Western and civilized woman, so that she could continually fight in the war zone called corporate America, which was originally designed for white men.

Man created pillows and tampons for the career dogs so that the menstrual cycle would not interfere with daily business activities. You see, with men, there is not a so-called “natural” phenomenon that takes over the male body once a month, causing a breach of duties and activities. Originally during the cycle period, women abstained from work and other daily functions. This period of rest due to menstruation was a maximum of 1-3 days.

Menstruation is not abnormal in domestic animals of so-called civilization (which really means “slavery”). Just look at the house cat and the dog. These creatures have a menstrual cycle, just like the social being called woman.

For a human, especially a mammal, to lose their vital life (blood) monthly is not a natural occurrence. Blood coming out of the body is not a natural thing. If a man goes into urination and sees blood in the urine, he first screams in fear and then goes to the emergency room at the local hospital to see the doctor. Why? Because it is a sign that something is wrong (if a man is shedding blood, chances are he has prostate cancer).

The life of the flesh is in the blood. Even the Bible tells us this (Leviticus 17:11). The blood contains vital elements (minerals) needed to maintain optimal health. The blood transports the various minerals to certain parts of the body so that certain organs can function and function optimally for the sake of the being. For example, calcium soothes the nerves. Potassium ensures optimal nerve transmission. Iodine regulates and ensures optimal functioning and activity of the thyroid gland. Iron secures hemoglobin and is now the major carrier of oxygen (assuming this duty from the mineral “gold” that we no longer use in our modern and degenerative states of existence as three-dimensional beings).

If the blood that carries these minerals in the body is removed from the body in order to rid the female body of toxins and waste (which the colon and kidneys could easily carry), the organs that need and depend on these important elements will come not to get them and the result will be malaise or lack of good or optimal health (eg PMS [premenstrual syndrome]).

Take for example. PMS; PMS is associated with mood swings, nervous irritability, gas (flatulence), stomach cramps, headaches, body spasms, short-term memory loss, etc. Why? Due to lack of nutrients or organ specific foods for these areas to function properly. With blood that is saturated in the vaginal area during menstruation and leaves via the vagina, the brain does not receive minerals carbon, copper, calcium and potassium (at least the amount it requires).

Calcium is a tranquilizer (sedative). It calms you down. Do you know why the animals that graze on grasses like oats, alfalfa, barley, wheat and gotu kola are so calm? Because they contain large amounts of calcium. The animals know that God allowed the grass to grow for good and good health. The Book of Psalms clearly tells us that “He makes the grass grow for cattle …” Do you know why elephants are said to have fond memories? Because they graze on gotu kola, an herb that improves mental acuity and endurance. Therefore, female elephants do not experience episodes of short-term memory loss (nor do they develop Alzheimer’s disease, since the herb gotu kola contains bio-aluminum [organic aluminum] which attracts harmful, man-made aluminum that causes Alzheimer’s in the first place and takes it from the body via the blood).

When blood leaves the body during menstruation, the nerves do not receive the necessary amount of potassium for proper nerve transmission. The thyroid gland (a major factor in weight gain and loss) does not get the necessary amount of iodine it needs to regulate body weight. And with a large iron loss, a trace element, anemia will undoubtedly occur and cause a number of bad effects such as dizziness, weakness, nausea, fatigue, frigidity (or feeling too cold) and brittle nails.

During the menstrual cycle, the female body will saturate the blood supply in the vaginal area to help with the menstrual cycle, and as a result, no necessary minerals are transported in the amount required by the other organs and organs. These minerals, located in the vaginal area during menstruation, will come out in bulk in the “white” stage (leukorrheac discharge).

Yes, the white discharge, often referred to as “leucorrhea”, is full of nutrition (the nutrition that did not make the character do the menstrual cycle). The white discharge is considered healthy or normal due to its high mineral content and non-smelly or ugly odor, whereas and in contrast to an irritating, itchy, copious, smelly green or yellow discharge, indicating vaginal or uterine infection or other pathogenic conditions with gynecological origin. (See Mosby’s Dictionary of Medical, Nurse, and Allied Health, 3rd Edition, “Leukosis.”)

So PMS is due to mineral deficiency and not a curse from God on females. Medical logic suggests that PMS can be cured or corrected by counting interactive mineral deficiency by giving the body more minerals before, during and after the menstrual cycle. The best source of these minerals are raw, organic foods (fruits and vegetables) and herbs. And remember, your body has nerves that connect to every organ in your body. The gas pockets of the large intestine explode and push against other nerve locations in the large intestine (which contains 360 nerve crystals) and cause a variety of other problems, especially headaches.

It is reported that the African women who were kidnapped and brought to America in American slavery (1555-1863) did not have a menstrual cycle but a period. Yes, they only had a small drop of blood the size of a small dot, which is why it was called a “period”, the brand we make and use in the English language, but which is now associated with the menstrual cycle. “The term” cycle “is now a synonym for the word” period. ”

We find support for the nature of the disease by the menstrual cycle in the Bible in the story of Jesus healing the woman who had bloodshed for twelve years. This account is detailed in the Book of Mark. Many Christian reverts who do not apply or understand metaphysics interpret this issue of blood as a cut on the woman’s body that Jesus healed, but if these ignorant Christian reverbs understood medical logic, science, and fact, they would know that no human was capable of bleed for more than a period of 12 hours without dying! If a person bleeds for 12 hours straight, we all know what happens except our blind Christian priests, especially Negroes. We read in Mark, chapter 5, verses 25-34, the following: “And a certain woman who had a blood release for twelve years, and had suffered many things by many physicians, and had used all that she had, and was nothing better; but rather got worse. When she heard about Jesus, the press came afterwards and touched his garment.

For she said, If I can just touch his clothes, I must be whole. And immediately her blood fountain was dried up, and she felt in her body that she was healed of this plague. And Jesus, knowing immediately in himself that the virtue had gone out of him, turned him around in the press and said, “Who touched my clothes?” and his disciples said unto him, Thou seest the multitude that plagued thee, and sayest thou, who touched me? and he looked round to see her that had done this thing: but the woman that feareth and trembled knew what did in her, came and fell before him and told him all the truth, and he said to her, ‘Daughter, the faith has made you whole; in peace and be whole of your plague. ”

Why do you think this woman’s blood issue, which lasted for twelve years, was called a “plague?” What is a “Plague?” The word “plague” is defined as: 1. A widespread disorder or accident. 2. A cause of irritation; nuisance. 3. A very contagious, usu. fatal epidemic disease, especially bubonic plague. (The American Heritage Dictionary, 3rd edition, Office Edition, p. 633).

Do most American women not feel bothered, annoyed, or annoyed during their menstrual cycle? The answer is yes! Why do you think they take pharmaceutical drugs like Midol® during their cycle? For fun? Don’t fuck! They are in pain or feeling tormented. Many or most of them (women) are not the same during this time and they will tell you just as they have told me. They become very obscure and annoyed. Many will tell you that they are a “bitch” during this time and to leave them alone and / or not say a word to them so that they do not throw you or punch you in the face. Why are they like that? It is because of the accident or the plague that the Bible calls it.

When we analyze the Mark 5: 25-34 story or parable of the woman with a matter of blood for twelve years, we must apply spiritual or metaphysical hermaneutics and exigesis. Number one, the issue of blood lasting twelve years can be nothing more than the menstrual cycle. It may not be a form of blood cancer (leukemia) as cancer usually kills within six months to three years. It could not have been a bleeding sore on the body because no one can bleed daily and non-stop for twelve years. The touch of Jesus ‘clothing is a metaphor or spiritual symbolic meaning or action that refers to Jesus’ lifestyle.

An outfit is what protects or covers you. Likewise, a just and wholistic lifestyle covers and protects you (against illness, illness, slavery and premature death). The woman touching Jesus ‘clothing meant that the woman was touching (practicing) Jesus’ way of life. “Her blood fountain” was referring to her vagina. And clearly, her “faith” (being healed by a righteous and Essential way of life) made her whole (at ease and not dis-eased). It is important to note that the parable begins with saying that she suffered (taken) many things by doctors (medicine) and had used everything she had. If her problem was actually a wound on the skin, as most Negro Christian reverends suggest, a doctor would have had the knowledge to tie the wound up to put pressure on the wound to stop the violent bleeding.

If we move on to our topic whose menstruation is necessary and natural, and serve to expel or eliminate toxins from the female body each month, why does the menstrual cycle stop or disappear during pregnancy? Does a toxic woman automatically become clean or non-toxic due to pregnancy? Of course not! So why does menstruation stop? The answer lies in the fact that the body’s intelligence knows that a new life is formed in the flesh and that the body needs extra nutrition for the building blocks of the new life. The body knows that it loses these building blocks (minerals) during menstruation, so the body’s intelligence prevents the body from menstruating when fertilization takes place.

So what about the process of eliminating toxins? How does the female body shed toxins during pregnancy? The female body spends the first trimester (or the first three months) eliminating toxins from the maternal body via “morning sickness.” I don’t have a clue why this activity is called “morning sickness” because women will suffer from this disease all day – morning, noon and night; – something to get you thinking! Women will vomit (vomit, regurgitate) to help get the body clean for the baby to develop in. Some females are so toxic that the body will dump most toxins from the uterus into the liver, causing or manifesting “eclampsia” , which is liver toxicity during pregnancy.

The use of synthetic and harmful pharmaceuticals euphemistically called “prenatal tabs” (made with horse manure, bitumen and coal tar) and inorganic sources of “iron” (derived from rusty metals such as railroad tracks) will play a large role in eclampsia. This synthetic and deadly “iron” [ferrous fumate and sulfate] is the cause of constipation and bloating in pregnant women. Pharmaceutical companies blend this inorganic iron (humans require “organic” or “living” iron from plant sources) with inorganic sulfur.

However, the detrimental effects of inorganic mineral sulfur are caused by its affinity for iron and also its destruction of ferments and enzymes and by its formation of sulfuric acid and sulfuric acids in the organism. It steals the iron from food and blood and forms sulphide of iron, which clogs and dries up several secretions in the digestive tract. It also steals incipient hydrogen from fluids and tissues that form sulphuric anhydride or sulfuric hydrogen. Women, this is the cause of the smelly gas that you expel and have been upset with, which is always given off by decay of organic matter, animals and vegetables. It is the smell of rotten eggs, fuzzy wounds, fecal matter and decaying meat.

Should menstruating women be included in sexual intercourse? For health and hygiene reasons, I say no, especially if a woman is lying on her back. My argument is this – like the rectum, the female vagina has a “downward” spiral energy. Most eliminative channels have a downward spiral energy (e.g., colon, kidneys). While in the sex trade, the male penis strokes in and out while inside the vagina.

Since menstruation is a cleansing time, toxins and wastes from the female body, waste and toxins traveling down the vagina to the exit or opening of the vagina, are eventually pushed back into the uterine area of the stroking male penis, and especially if a man strokes or penetrates hard, fast and deep with his genitals. This is something to think about. Plain and simple, it is unhygienic and unhealthy and poses a serious health risk.

In conclusion, what can a woman do to offset the side effects of “plague” (menses)? The answer is found in the Bible in Psalm 104: 14. It is clear, “He causes the grass to grow for the cattle and the herb to serve man: that he may bring food out of the earth.” Plain and simple!

To replenish the body with the necessary nutrients (minerals), consume herbs such as alfalfa, mutton acid, suma, rooisbos, rose hipper, well dough, parsley leaf, moringa or karela seeds, barley grass, wheatgrass, nettle and spinach leaves. These herbs provide almost every mineral the body needs.

Also consumes sea weeds such as kelp, dulse, spirulina, chlorella, Irish marsh, bladderwrack, teal algae, Iceland marsh and red marine algae. Sea weeds are the best and most nutritious foods you can eat, providing your body with everything you need (oxygen, minerals, protein, etc.) and are an excellent source of organic “iodine” (thyroid foods).

Natural sources rich in “iron” include: yellow dock red, burdock red, dandelion root, holly berry, red raspberry leaf, rooibos and mullein leaf. Green vegetables such as parsley, greens, chives and spinach are also good sources of iron. Blackstrap molasses (unsulfurized) also provides a good amount of iron.

Natural sources of “calcium” include: comfrey root (don’t believe the hype about liver toxicity), oatmeal, horseradish and red raspberry leaf. All green leafy vegetables are good sources of calcium (if you juice or lightly steam them).

Herbs to coagulate the blood and stop excessive bleeding include: gold seal, crane ticket (alumnae), dragon blood, manjistha, musta, shepherd’s handbag, ladies’ mantle, yarrow, cayenne, Solomon’s seal, barberry and whole-herb.

Herbs for regulating and normalizing the menstrual cycle and flow include: maca, black cohosh, blue cohosh, dong quai, mugwort, red raspberry leaf, wild yam root (best and highest source of natural progesterone), squawvine, fake unicorn, chaste tree berries, lycii fruits, red clover tops (best and highest source of natural estrogen), licorice red, sarsaparilla and angelica.

Herbs that counteract menstrual cramps and spasms include: beth or birth root, cramp bark, fennel seeds, anise seeds and wild yam.

Herbs that counteract menstrual pain and headaches include: white willow bark, black willow bark, fever, meadow, birch bark, woody concrete, wild lettuce, peppermint, evergreen and tree call.

Herbs that help soothe the nerves of the menstrual cycle include: nerve red or lady slippers, kava kava, jatamansi, valerian root, lavender flower, passionflower, hops, cranberry, chamomile and linden flower.

Herbs that provide energy for fatigue during the menstrual cycle include: ginseng (all species), ashwagandha, schizandra berries, jiwanti, yerba mate, green tea, suma, codonopsis bark, kola or bissey nuts and guarana seeds.

Herbs for mental stimulation during the menstrual cycle include: gotu kola, gingko biloba, bringraj, ashwagandha, ginseng, sacred or blessed thistle, kola or bissey nuts, yerba mate and guarana seeds.

Herbs that counteract constipation during the menstrual cycle include: senna leaves and pods, cascara sagrada, sea buckthorn, aloe vera resin, rhubarb, jalapro, bibitaki, mandrake, black walnut shells, poke root, smooth alder bark, Irish mash, guar gum, acacia psyllium husks.

Herbs that strengthen the uterus during the menstrual cycle include: ashoka, squawvine, fake unicorn, pumpkin seeds, cocculus root and saw palmetto.

Natural remedies for breast tenderness and tenderness during the menstrual cycle include: (oils) [internally and externally] Primrose oil in the evening, borage oil, blackcurrant oil; (externally – massaged into the breasts) olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, grapefruit seed oil, rose hip seed oil; (essential oils that can be added to breast massage oil) fennel seed oil, clary sage, grapefruit shale oil and rosemary; (herbs) saw palmetto berries, honeysuckle flower, red raspberry leaves, red clover plates, barberry tips, poke root, wild indigo and red root.

Herbs that counteract eclampsia during pregnancy include: white pepper bark, deer-heavy herb, milk thistle seed, dandelion root, burdock root, charcoal (activated charcoal), uva ursi, grapes, and Oregon grape.