What is Christian hope or what is Christian definition of hope?

According to the 1 Corinthians 13:13, there are three cardinal Christian virtues “faith, hope and love.” In simple words, hope in Christianity is one of the three theological virtues and it is distinctive from faith and charity (love) because it is directed exclusively toward the future, as confident expectation.

Hope is the birthplace of Christian self-sacrificing love. This is why our Christian brothers let the almighty God to take care of us because we know he will be there with us during every situation – good or bad. We all seek help and support from the Holy Lord because we all know and believe that he will be there even during the most challenging days of life.

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What is Christian hope or what is Christian definition of hope?

Without the proper knowledge or Christian definition of hope or without the hope that God will be there for us, we will be engaged in self-enhancement. However, with the trust on the God and if we let the almighty God to take care of us for the future—whether five minutes or five centuries— we can be free to love and care others. We will have the opportunity to experience the God’s glory that will shine more clearly, because that’s the only way how the God becomes visible to the human beings.

It’s pertinent to not misunderstand the hope as this is often understood as something that may or may not happen. Of course, hope is something that we do not see in current times, but that does not mean that we shall lose our faith on it.

Most people may be not aware that both the quality and strength of our hope are directly related to our knowledge about Bible prophecy. This is the reason that most Christians around the world have so little hope and they lack about the knowledge on hope defined in the bible. The teachers or preachers often forget or ignore the God’s Prophetic Word.

Difference between Christian definition of hope and the way it is usually used?

We all know the definition of hope available on the dictionary. It’s a term that refers to something that may or may not happen in the future. For example, we would say, “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I hope it happens.”

However, what most of us don’t know is “What the bible says about hope?” According to the holy Bible, the hope doesn’t mean if good will happen, but it’s about the belief that God will do all the good.

The Biblical meaning of hope is, “when the almighty promises you that something will happen, it’s going to happen and you put your trust in that promise. So, according to the Bible, this is a confidence that something will come to pass because God has promised it will come to pass.

How to Build Our Hope in God?

According to the Christianity, hope is a part of faith. It’s about growing your belief in the God. When you read his precious and very great promises, your hope and faith in God strengthens.

As the Christian hope quotes say, have faith in God and good will come to you. It is important for the individuals to remember that the only source of good is God.

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What is Christian hope or what is Christian definition of hope?

The only way to grow your faith in the God is to read and understand what the God has done for us and our safety. Remember that the Christ died for the goodness of humanity, and therefore all the promises of God are yes in him.

So, when you are in difficult situations or have something bad coming to you, remember that your faith or hope is God is the only way to maintain your hope for the better tomorrow. Because when God says good will come to you, it will come for sure.

Just remember that God is there with us in every situation. When you know that Jesus is your Savior, you are an heir to some incredible promises, which will be delivered to you even during the most challenging and difficult situations.