What is Easter Sunday Story

Happy Easter- The Festival of children’s delight

When you see the chocolate buddies pop out, you know it is time for Easter celebrations. Easter is not only about chocolates; it has a deep meaning and history attached to its celebration. Let us explore the meaning and history of the grand celebrations of Easter Sunday Story.

What does Easter celebrate?

Christians honor Easter as a public holiday in accordance with their religious beliefs. Christians believe in Good Friday as an auspicious day when Jesus Christ took in his last by hanging himself on a cross at Cavalry to help the humans get rid of their sins.

They celebrate Easter Sunday as his day of resurrection. The Palm Sunday is celebrated one week before the Easter Sunday to honor the day that Jesus Christ arrived in Jerusalem.

When do we celebrate Easter?

Every year, Easter is celebrated on a Sunday. The date though is not fixed. It is usually celebrated on the first Sunday of the month after the full moon is observed. It usually talks place sometime from 23rd March to 25th of April.

Easter Sunday was celebrated on April 16th in 2017, April 1 in 2018, and will be celebrated on April 21st in 2019, and on 21st April in 2020.

The origin and history of Easter

Christians believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God who was born on Earth, in the form of a man. At the age of 33 years, Jesus Christ became quite famous in Israel and had many followers.

However, the leaders of Jerusalem did not like him because he claimed to be God’s son. They captured Jesus Christ and took him to meet the local Romanian leader known as Pontius Pilate. Pilate could not find anything wrong with Jesus Christ, but under the influence of his team, he allowed Jesus Christ to be crucified.

After a period of three days, the Jesus Christ tomb was found empty. Many Romans and Jewish belief that the disciples of Jesus may have stolen his body. However, surprisingly many people claimed they saw Jesus alive and after 40 days, it is believed that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven.

Jesus was a pure man and had not committed any sins. Every other man had committed sins in their lives, and since Jesus Christ was so pure and perfect, he was hanged on a cross at the cavalry and he died as a sacrifice to clean the sins of the other people. When Jesus rose again and conquered death, it was on Easter day.

There is a story attached behind colorful Easter Eggs too. The myth behind the Easter bunnies is that long ago an Easter Hare was often believed to be a huge handsome bird which belonged to Eostre, who is the goddess of Pagan of dawn and fertility. She changed the bird into a rabbit and hence, the Easter Bunny used to build nests and fill them with colored eggs.

How is Easter day celebrated?

Many people visit church on Easter Sunday. Many families travel for a short holiday weekend, to celebrate the festivities. Typically, families reunite for meals and have a fun-filled time after the church visit on Easter. Easter also sees a few secular Christian traditions being followed. These traditions include a hunt for the Easter eggs. This ritual is quite fun, and enthralling.

The Easter bunny hides out the eggs for the children of the family, who need to find them. The eggs are usually candies or made of chocolate. The kids love to search for these Easter eggs and its an activity for the entire family to enjoy. In fact, various schools have sessions to make Easter baskets and Easter eggs.

Another tradition which is celebrated on Easter Day is known as the Easter egg roll in the white house. It is a huge Easter event celebrated in the United States for the kids with various fun activities like sports, cooking, storytelling, live music and cooking and performing the traditional egg roll. The Egg roll involves a group of young kids who are 12 years old or lesser to be a part of the activity.

The kids roll the hard-boiled eggs down the hills. This tradition is practiced in European countries like Germany and England, and it represents the act of rolling down the stone of Jesus Christ’s tomb. A huge Easter parade also takes place in New York, every year.

Did you know??

These are a few interesting facts you ought to know about Easter.

  • There are more than 90 million Easter bunnies made annually
  • The largest Easter egg ever created was 25 feet long.
  • The word ‘Easter’ originates from the Saxon Pagan festival which honors the goddess Eastre, which is represented by the symbol of a rabbit.
  • The Easter lilies are a very popular flower which is gifted to grandmothers or used to decorate homes, on this special day. These provide a colorful splash to your homes.
  • Many churches are filled with lighted candles midnight to remember Jesus Christ who was the guiding light to the world.
  • The churches are filled with flowers in Easter, to represent a new life. The priests and fathers dress in bright colored robes.
  • Easter eggs are gifted to everyone on this day, and the chocolate ones are specially made for the kids.