Why mankind was created to worship the Lord?

Worship is the right response to the Lord by the spirit through Jesus Christ. We were created by the Lord to worship him. Jesus Christ took our sins upon Himself and saved us from the sinful world. So we need to boldly come into his presence and worship the Lord. When we worship the Lord it is the spirit in us that will empower us to respond with fear, confession, and commitment. God has created humans with emotions and designed us with many ways to express them. So we need to worship the Lord and praise God for his amazing Grace.

When we see the book of psalms in the bible it has a huge collection of musical poems, hymns, and prayers. They were written with the intention to be sung by everyone. The psalms will express hope and despair, faith, and fear. David wrote 75 psalms out of 150 psalms. When we look at psalms 3rd chapter David expressed his great emotions over the enemies raising against him. Even though he was troubled, he trained hopeful and ever-faithful because he is the worshipper of the lord.

So every believer who believed in Jesus Christ was created to worship God. We need to write our personal psalms of praise that will honor God and please Him. Whatever the situation might be when we sing until the lord it is a pleasing sacrifice of praise and a true act of worship. Worship and praise should always be on our lips and praise him peace and every day.

How do worship involves:

  • Worship involves obedience.
  • Worship involves focusing on God.
  • Worship involves that we bear God’s image.

Worship has involved giving our precious time for God. We need to focus on God and give him our attention. We need to minimize distractions. We can worship the Lord with our families. Where two or three gathered and worshipped then definitely there is God’s presence. If His presence dwells among us. We will focus on him. This is known as true worship.

We can also worship God by obeying his commands. When we are obedient to him we are proclaiming his supremacy of God. Every time we listen to God is valuing him. When we listen to his word then God will value us. The best way to improve our worship is to listen to him and obey him. We need to walk according to his wisdom.

We were made to worship God and live for his glory. He redeemed us from our sins and the spirit in us is transforming us more into His image. We were created to enjoy the holy and glorious, righteous God. We need to gather and sing praise and worship songs and enjoy the presence of the lord. We need to worship him because of the sacrifice He made for ourselves. No one in this world will not sacrifice himself for others but Jesus Christ did for us. So we need to worship all through our lives. He deserves every praise we give him all our lives.

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