Tried and Purified by God: Psalms Verse of the Day

When he has tested me, I will come forth as gold. Job 23:10. This is the poetic book in the bible. In this verse, Job is speaking to the Lord in his sufferings.

Let us know more about how God tests and purify us in the – online Bible verse of the day

Job felt so desperate after Eliphaz’s speech. He felt that he was separated from God. He was very confident in the Lord. Job says that God knows his ways, and he did not forget him. He says that God is testing him in his crisis, and God’s purpose is not to punish him.

He also says that God will bring the trial to an end, and from that trial, he would bring good from it. Sometimes God allows us in the wilderness because to make us humble, to know our hearts, and also to test us.

Why God uses trials in our lives in daily verse of the day:

  • To inspect us
  • To protect us
  • To perfect us
  • To correct us

In James 1:12 says the one who remains steadfast in his trial will be blessed. When we patiently stand in the test, we will receive the crown of life. In 1 peter 1:7 says the more precious gold is tested by fire in the same when our faith is tested in trials, we will receive praise, glory, and honor at the second coming of Jesus Christ.

The people who were blessed by God after many trials in free daily bible verse:
In Hebrews 12:9-11 says that when we endure trials for a while so that we enjoy divine and eternal peace later. The job was the man who undergoes many afflictions, but he has faith and confidence in the Lord. After he was tested many trials, at last, he was blessed double folded.

In Hebrews 11:17, even God tested Abraham when he was told to sacrifice his son. By faith, he has offered his son. So he had received the promises in the act of offering his only son. Even Jesus also went through many sufferings, but he knows that his father will not forsake him, and he knows the joy after suffering will be more.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal comes up with bible verses to read daily with the most inspirational Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. When we undergo afflictions, we should not draw far from God. We need to be confident in our faith so that we will rejoice more. God wants to test and come as pure gold.

God tests our faith because he had a plan in everyone’s lives. His plans are always good, not evil. So we need to hold on to God during the trials.

Father Lord Almighty, thank you, Lord, help me to believe in you that there will glory from every suffering. I pray, Amen.

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