God Gives Adam a Helper Named Eve: Retelling the Great Bible Stories for Children

As a Christian, I have spent many moments thinking about how wonderful the Garden of Eden must have been. I imagine that all nature was bigger, brighter and better than anything you or I have ever seen this side of Heaven. But the greatest aspect of this beginning time of our history is the amazing and unhindered relationship God had with Adam and Eve. He was their Father and friend. Here is a retelling of Genesis chapter 2 to help your young children become familiar with this part of God’s wonderful story.

Adam loved the garden that God had made. It was beautiful! There were plants with bright yellow and red flowers. Trees so high, they seemed to touch the sky. The fish in the sea were amazing to look at and the birds of the air were glorious as they flapped their wings up and down. Adam especially loved the animals – elephants, giraffes and majestic lions that were his to touch and name anytime he pleased. But even though the garden was filled with many wonderful things, Adam was alone.

God did not want Adam to be alone. And God said, “I will make someone to be with Adam, and help him.” So, when Adam was asleep, God did something amazing! He took a rib from Adam and He made a real live woman from Adam’s rib! God brought the woman to Adam and Adam named the woman Eve. Adam loved Eve very much. God loved Adam and Eve and they loved God. After God made Adam and Eve, he rested from all the wonderful work He did.

Adam and Eve loved their new home. They had everything they needed. God made sure of that. But mostly they had God’s peace and love in their lives. That was greater than all the plants, fish, birds and animals in the whole world. The first people of earth obeyed God and did everything He told them to do. They even talked to Him just like you and I talk to each other. They were friends. God wants to be your friend too.


1. What are 3 things in nature God created? (Wait for responses such as fish, birds and animals.)

2. Did God want Adam to be alone? (Answer: No.)

3. What was the name of the first woman God made? (Answer: Eve)

4. How did God make Eve? (Answer: From Adam’s rib.)

5. Did Adam and Eve love God? (Answer: Yes.)

6. Did God love Adam and Eve? (Answer: Yes.)