Enjoy the View

Praise him, sun and moon; praise him, all you shining stars. Psalm 148:3

Sunsets. individuals tend to prevent what they’re doing to observe them . . . snap photos of them . . . get pleasure from the attractive read.

My married person and that i watched the sun setting over the Gulf of North American country recently. A crowd of individuals encircled US, principally strangers WHO had gathered at the beach to observe this nightly development. At the instant the sun totally slipped below the horizon, the gang stony-broke out with approval.
You and what you have got created area unit amazing, Lord!

Why do individuals respond like that? The book of Psalms offers a clue. The composer wrote of God ordering the sun to praise its Creator (Ps. 148:3). And where the rays of the sun shine across the planet, individuals area unit touched to praise along side them.

The beauty that involves US through nature speaks to our souls like few things do. It not solely has the capability to prevent US in our tracks and beguile our attention, it additionally has the facility to show our focus to the Maker of beauty itself.

The marvel of God’s large creation will cause US to pause and keep in mind what’s really necessary. Ultimately, it reminds US that there’s a Creator behind the beautiful entrance and exit of the day, One WHO therefore preferred the planet He created that He entered it so as to redeem and restore it.

I get pleasure from the planet you have got created with its selection and color. You and what you have got created area unit amazing, Lord!

Join God in taking enjoyment of all that He has created.

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