Sweet Scent: Bible Verse

Introduction: Thanks be to God, who . . . Americans us to unfold the aroma of the information of him all over. Two Corinthians 2:14. Paul wrote a letter to the corinthians. He says more about his apostolic calling. He was writing to the people of Corinth.

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Description: Paul began the letter by saying how much he loved them. He was explaining about forgiveness, and he is saying to forgive those who do wrong. In 1st Corinthians 5th chapter paul said to the Corinths whoever do the mistakes make them stay far from everyone, but in 2nd Corinthians, he is saying to forgive them and welcome back to their group.

He is saying that forgive him as Jesus Christ has forgiven us. If we hate them, this may create disturbances in Christians. Paul said that he was happy because his friend Titus had visited Corinth. He said God had given them victory while spreading the gospel to the streets.

Paul had no home. He had been travelling from one country to another to preach the gospel. He considered himself a great honour to declares God’s message. Many heard the paul’s preaching, and they trusted God. God granted them a new life. This was the reason to make him great joy. He compared himself and his preaching to smell pleasant.

Paul is thanksgiving to the Lord because God gave him victory in spreading the word of God to many places. He manifested God in every place. He says that he is the sweet savour of Christ for those who are saved and also for those who perished.

In the book of Ephesians chapter 5:1-2 says that we are the followers of Christ, we need to follow the ways of him. We need to love God because he loved us and sacrificed himself for the Lord as sweet-smelling savor for us, so we need to love each other as Christ loved us. In his commandments, he says that we need to love each other as God loves us. Christ made his sacrifice by the love which was accepted by the God. We need to love others to please and acceptable to God.

Jesus Christ loved us by showing his mercy upon us by suffering and sacrifice. “He loved us and gave himself to us.” when we wanted to follow Jesus, we need to be perfect together with him by his fragrance. Paul explains when we can trust even in the toughest situations, attacked by the enemies, danger, and difficult situations, then our life becomes a sweet fragrance to the Lord. We need to have faith in Christ that we are always subjected to victory in our lives. We need to rest in the prayer and give thanks to him always. Our lives should be a living sacrifice to the Lord.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. We need to preach the word of God to everyone. The paul faced many struggles in preaching God’s message, but God had helped him in all his ways. We need to carry his aroma to spread the gospel to the streets by our good deeds. We need to love each other and sacrifice anything for him because he sacrificed himself for us.

Father Lord, grant me the knowledge to spread the gospel to many streets.

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