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Guravaiah Joseph
Hi Friends,

First of all, I might wish to say one thing regarding ME. I’m M GURAVAIAH JOSEPH.

I had been an everyday offender, doing every kind of nasty stuff. I had been like that each one through my young and on the far side. That nasty stuff embraces all types of sins you may most likely imagine, starting from those terribly easy ones to the foremost serious things. I simply didn’t care regarding the consequences these can have, all along, in my entire life, neglecting the good love of my Heavenly Father. thus I used to be similar to The Prodigal Son within the Bible.

But then, things modified all of an abrupt. one amongst my friends told ME regarding the new Christian modus vivendi that’s turning into a lot of and a lot of in style currently. Yes! He told Maine regarding Israelite YOUTH. As per his recommendation, I attended a number of programs of Israelite Youth (JY in short). What to mention, my life took a reversal, then and there. And currently, I feel I’m leading away higher sin-free life

I would prefer to share with you all the thoughts that attracted my attention. though I’m a Christian, these psychological feature thoughts are applicable to any human.

This web site has variant debatable spiritual thoughts. you’ll see articles on the foremost wide fashionable misconceptions like that all things are literally sins against our God. This website additionally has separate classes for Christian wallpapers, prayers, pious music, videos, poems, sacred stories and jokes that may cause you to suppose seriously. you’ll realize a listing of all our authors and their articles at CMPortral.in Authors.

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