all saints’ day

Have you ever wondered what really happens to all the souls after their deaths? There is a general belief in Christianity that the souls who have done good deeds go to heaven and those who have done sin land up in hell. There is also something called intermediate place where the sins are purified to land up in heaven.

In remembrance of the death people all the Christians observe November 2 as All Souls day. This day is celebrated for praying in peace of those souls who did not reach Heaven due to some wrong doing or sins. It is a day where people annually together show grief and remembrance of their deceased relatives. There is no compulsion for all the Christians to celebrate this day. It is a personal choice of an individual.

There is generally a misconception that All Souls day and All Saints day is the same. But this is not true in this case, all souls day is celebrated as follow up on the next day of all saints day. Moreover All Saints day is celebrated on every 1st of November which is observed as the holy day and is marked as a day in remembrance of all the saints of the church who are significantly attained heaven after death.

The Feast of All saints otherwise known as all saints day is dedicated for all the known and unknown saints who are no more in this world. This tradition is usually followed by Roman Catholic Churches and some denominations of Protestant also involve in celebrating this holy day. This day is considered very holy and everybody is required to attend the masses and church irrespective of the reason and excuses until unless a genuine and serious one, On the other hand . This day is celebrated after the fare and fun of Halloween, where people dress up in different costumes and celebrate the day.

The history of All saints is way back to fourth century and the first national holiday for All saints day was significantly noticed in somewhere around seventh century under the pope Boniface 1V . Later on it was mutually decided to observe 1st of November as All Saints day. There are special prayers sang by the Catholics on all saints day and sing worship songs for all those deceased popes who always bring love with them and see Jesus in everyone and everywhere. There are different carols and games specially designed for kids to learn something and have a take away. Every game planned is made sure that it should be informative and positive. The kids, women are also honored and shower love and respect for all their heroic activities which have made the Christianity proud and showed the path of righteousness. There are many images of all saints day also available online where you can only see candles, group of people praying and saints.

All saints day 2018 happen to fall on Thursday that is 1st of November, since it was not on Sunday many churches waives off the compulsion to attend the mass and prayers, understanding and respecting their routine. On the other hand if it would happen to be Sunday then it would be a compulsion to attend the prayers in the church. Basically there is a tradition which starts with 31st October and ends on 2nd November, people celebrate Halloween, All saints day and lastly the all souls day to pray for all the deceased people. So, this year don’t miss on any day and pray for the deceased once.