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Pastor Anil Kant comes from a Hindu- Punjabi background family. At his young age, his parents taught him Hindu scriptures and to be religious. At that time, he was also interested in music. At the age of 22, he started writing, composing, singing. He took singing as a profession at the age of 18 in university. He was married to Reena and after their marriage, they shifted to Singapore and he continued his onstage career with best performances by traveling all over the world. Listen Anil Kant Songs below on

Every time his heart continued to search the real truth and endure the relationship with God. Some of his friends invited him to train his church choir in music. At that time, pastor Anil Kant came to know the love of Christ. His friends prayed for him and his family. Then he started to read the bible and know the truth of the lord and it set him free from all the bondages. In 1999 he returned to India along with his family and settled in Mumbai. Then slowly his heart was changed and encountered with Jesus and began to start a new life.

Then he spent time one night with lord and lord spoke to him from the verse john 14:6 and Anil Kant knew Him completely and received salvation. Then he started sharing the gospel but it was very hard for him to break the traditional thoughts and social fears of his family but he never forgot Jesus Christ. He and his wife baptized and his entire house came to know Jesus in the year 2001.

Pastor Anil Kant dedicated his life completely to use his talents for the lord. He started to share the gospel and recorded the first gospel album in 2002 and he also released 18 gospel albums. He has two children. They are also given their lives in serving the Lord. Pastor Anil Kant was ordained as a pastor in the year 2007. He started Anil Kant ministries international and weekly sastang fellowship in Andheri, Mumbai. His desire is to spread the gospel in all nations and to the ends of the earth.

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