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I have now seen the one who sees me. Genesis 16:13. This the first book in the old testament. It gives detailed information about the creation of the world and also the Jewish people. This verse is about Abraham and his family.

The Lord, who sees when we are going through affliction in the – daily verse and prayer

Today’s bible verse is about Abraham, who had forgotten the promise of the Lord and listened to the words of his wife. In Genesis chapter 12, God had promised Abraham that he would make him a great nation and make his name great. He said that he would bless all his family. What a wonderful promise God gave to Abraham.

In chapter 16, Abraham was 85years old; he still had no children. Then his wife Sarah had a plan. Then she shared it with her husband. This plan was not God’s plan. So Abraham was also agreed to the plan of his wife. They did not hear from the Lord. They did not even ask the Lord for guidance.

Abraham took the wrong step by hearing the word of his wife in bible verse for me today:

Sarah told his husband to take his maid Hagar, and then he did as his wife said. He took his maid, and she was conceived. Then Sarah was despised in her eyes after seeing that she was conceived. Then Sarah said to her husband that he was responsible for the wrong she was suffering. And she said that I despised the maid in eyes because she had conceived. Again she said that the Lord would judge you and me.

Then Abraham said to his wife that the maid is in your hands do as you wish. Then Sarah was harshly tortured. Then Hagar fled from her. Then the angel of the Lord appears to her and said to submit herself to Sarah and go to her. Then she obeys to God’s words, and then God blessed her with some promises.

The angel of the Lord appeared to Hagar when she was in affliction in best bible verse today:

The angel of the Lord said that the seed of Hagar would multiply exceedingly, and God heard your cry; you will bear a son and call him as Ishmael ( meaning: God will hear) because God had seen your affliction. Then Hagar has given the name to the Lord your the God who sees me. And she said I had seen the one who sees me in my affliction.

Hagar has thought only Abraham and his wife will care about her because she is a slave from Egypt. But they also abandoned her, but she believed that God was the one who cared about her and saw her. She obeys the command of God, and she again went to Sarah.

The lord eyes look after every creature in the world in holy bible verse today:

In Hebrews, 4:13 says no creature is hidden from his sight, and all are exposed to the eyes of God. We must give account to God about our deeds. In 2 chronicles 16:9 says the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth because to give his support to those whose heart is blameless towards him.

Jeremiah 32:19 says the eyes of the Lord are open to all their mighty deeds and all the ways of the children of God, and he will reward each one according to their ways and according to the fruit of his deeds. So if we want rewards from God, we need to walk in a righteous life.


Christian Music Portal comes up with bible verses to read daily with the most inspirational Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Before planning anything, we need to involve God and ask him whether to implement that plan or not. We should remember that God doesn’t need our plans to fulfill his promises. Abraham didn’t ask God, and he made sin. Sarah had cursed her maid and made sin. We should not curse others.

The Lord is the one who is aware of all the things in our life than we are aware of. He sees the things that we want in our life and provides for us. We feel alone, even though we have many people around us. God is there for us who look after us in our afflictions.

God will never abandon his people, and nothing can separate us from him if we are trusting and looking unto him. He is touched by our feelings, so whatever the situation, he will intervene in our problems and give us a blessing out of a problem.

Father Lord Almighty, thank you, Lord, for looking at me in my loneliness, in pains, in trials whenever I call your name. I pray, Amen.

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