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Redimalla Praveen Ratna Kumar (Bro. Praveen Kumar Songs) was born on 15th May 1973, in Bellampalli, Mancherial, district of Telangana, in south India. His parents were Mrs. Lee Alexander and Mr. E.Alexander. His father was a mining officer in singareni collieries. Though he was brought up in a Christian family. He did not know about Lord Jesus Christ. He always thought that he could enter into heaven because he is a Christian. As his father was in a high position he had access to money, friends and spend his time with friends in clubs, parks, and playgrounds. Because of his misbehavior in the society, the Naxalite warned him. So he left the native place and ran away to Hyderabad to save his life.

He has no food, no shelter and lived on streets, slept in bus stands. He was abandoned by everyone and decided to attempt suicide three times but he did not succeed. He went to Vishwa Vani meetings in Secunderabad. Then he sat one corner of the ground. At that time, holy spirit, God opened his eyes and showed his faults. Then he confessed his dibs and realized that he was a sinner and accepted Christ as his personal savior. Then he told God that if God lifts him up then he will serve and die for him. Then he got a job and also worked as an evangelist. Then he married to Rama Devi in the year 1995. She is working as a staff nurse in Indian railways. In the year 1999, he surrendered himself totally and came to full-time ministry.

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Praveen Kumar started a church in the year 1999 in bellampalli. His church named calvary ministries. God touched many people through his ministry. His desire is to conduct many revival meetings in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. provides you pastor Praveen Kumar songs. He was a good singer. The latest Telugu Christian songs by Praveen Kumar are available here. His songs will touch the hearts of the one who hears it. You can also listen to calvary ministries audio songs.

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Pastor praveen kumar calvary ministries songs free download

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