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Calvary temple inspirational messages for youth

Bro Satish Kumar started his walk with God at the age of 12. He recognized the voice of God and know God’s will for him. He started the calvary temple with 25 people in 2005 in kukatpally, Hyderabad. At present there 200,000 members in his church. Calvary Temple is the Indian’s largest temple and fastest-growing church. He preached the calvary temple with God’s power and authority. His preaching was with illustrations and parables. By his teaching, many people came to know the word of God and applied in their daily lives. His sermons were filled with the holy spirit and attracted thousands of people to his ministry.

Many youth people were turning their lives towards the lord from worldly pleasures. They transformed by hearing the inspirational sermons of bro Satish Kumar and started their new life. Bro. Satish Kumar’s messages attracted not only the youth but also all the age groups. So our decided to upload all the calvary temple youth messages. You can click and listen to it and transform your lives. By hearing all these messages for youth you will decide to take baptism and serve the Lord throughout your life.

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Whether you were undergoing any troubles and disturbances you can listen to the calvary temple sermons that can make you peace and God gives you the strength to battle with Satan. Sometimes God can talk to you with these calvary temple sermons. We have Satish Kumar audio and video messages. You can download it for free and listen to it. is the Bes site which includes a huge collection of Christian songs and also Christian sermon that makes you lead a happy Christian life. You can also share bro. Satish Kumar sermons with your friends or relatives so that they will turn their lives towards the Lord and serve him throughout their lives. In this way, you can preach the gospel to many. Stay tuned with our page to enjoy much more Christian sermons.