How You Can Be One of God’s Millionaires


Because you are a Christian, you are targeted by God to become rich! Still, keep in mind that there is a clear distinction between income and wealth to achieve wealth. The fact is that income and wealth are not the same thing. But the good news is that they are both under your direct control!

You can see if, despite your Christian beliefs, you stubbornly choose to live the kind of lifestyle that makes you spend all your income, then both you and your children will suffer poverty, servitude and discouragement for the rest of your ought to.

In short, if this is your own self-imposed way of life, it can successfully contradict God’s desire for you to be prosperous. This happens when you manage money in your own way. After all, God, like you, gives a free will that he will never remove. The end result is that you and your children will always be under accumulators of wealth, in other words, you will be poor.

Why? Because with that kind of living pattern you will never have any money left to accumulate in your bank account and become your wealth. Why? Because wealth is what you accumulate with good management and by not spending.

What you can do if you want to acquire wealth is to listen to God’s counsel in Proverbs 22: 4,6,7 and 800 other verses in the Bible, so make a high and holy decision that you will voluntarily live by in the future. His will for your life and thereby experience the joy and true wealth of the Christian lifestyle. As you do this, you will find that every day of your life will have its greatest importance: prayer, hard work, and perseverance, so you can get the benefits of following a good money management plan.

The happy results of having money in the bank make you smile because that kind of daily behavior gives you a gradual accumulation of wealth.

Surprisingly, you will find that a fortune benefit will be in the form of a large bank account. At the same time, there is another important benefit: the money management education you give your children as they follow your example later in their lives.

Let me put it another way, when your children see that you are making these decisions for the good of your family, they will see what you do and thus gain a better understanding of the many benefits of careful money management. This kind of training can in turn give them a more prosperous lifestyle in their future.

Then they will gradually become great accumulators of wealth, as will their parents, who, as everyone in the neighborhood knows, are God’s millionaires.

By: Terry L. Weber

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