In The Field Of Silence

Our Creator
Manifests himself in silence
Within our personal depths
Beyond forms, words, and images…

Suppressing by his grace
All the intermediary layers
And silence will lead us
Into the depths of love.

No longer clinging to
Ideas, feelings, thoughts,
Emotions, gestures, songs,

For by prayer
We communicate solely
By contemplating
Face to face as we adore
From our own condition of clay.

Silence is what remains
When we are purified.
A field open to be strolled
Day by day.

In God I see Creation
For creation comes
From the toil
Of God

The fields, the hills,
The forests, the mountains,
The seas, the rivers,
Animals and human kind
All comes from His heart.

An expression of beauty
In which love is the root
And the field is the clay
In which we are a part.