Mahonathuda Adbuthalu Cheyuvada Songs

Mahonathuda adbuthalu cheyuvada song lyrics in Telugu

This is one of the famous Telugu Christian songs. It is also one of the most viewed songs by Telugu Christians all over the world. We have Telugu Christians songs in many languages. Our is the best site to have praise and worship songs. If you listen to the songs we provide you will be overwhelmed and excited listening to these songs. You can worship the Lord by listening to these songs. Listen Mahonathuda Adbuthalu Cheyuvada Songs below.

Mahimaku patruda Christian songs lyrics free download

We have a beautiful mahonathuda adbuthalu cheyuvada song. This is one of the praises and worship songs to make to feel the presence of the lord. The meaning of this song was God is the only one who does miracles and there is no one like him. The people who don’t have this song we provide mahonathuda adbuthalu cheyuvada song lyrics. The lyrics are available in both Telugu and English. You can download them as pdf and practice the song with the lyrics. These lyrics also help in understanding the meaning of the song.

మహిమకు పాత్రుడా ఘనతకు అర్హుడా
మా చేతులెత్తి మేము నిన్నారాధింతుము (2)

మహోన్నతుడా అద్భుతాలు చేయువాడా
నీవంటి వారు ఎవరు – నీవంటి వారు లేరు (2)

స్తుతులకు పాత్రుడా స్తుతి చెల్లించెదం
నీ నామమెంతో గొప్పది మేమారాధింతుము (2) ||మహోన్నతుడా||

అద్వితీయ దేవుడా ఆది సంభూతుడా
మా కరములను జోడించు మేము మహిమ పరచెదం (2) ||మహోన్నతుడా||

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Mahonathuda adbuthalu cheyuvada telugu christian worship song