Mistakes Were Made: Devotion Bible Verse

Introduction: They gave me the gold, and I threw it into the fire, and out came this calf! Exodus 32:24. This bible verse explains about the Israel people commit sins by worshipping the idols.

How God manifests forgiveness to his people in the cmportal.in – daily bible verse

Description: God has chosen Moses to bring the Israel people from Egypt bondage. By faith, Moses trusted the Lord and did what has God commanded him. He faced many difficult situations in the journey of the Israel people out of the bondage. But God has never forsaken him. The scene in the above Bible verse is Moses went to the mountains to receive the tablets of stone in which law and commandments were written.

The relationship between Lord and Moses in today’s bible reading:

Moses was the mediator between God and Israel people. When he went to the mountains to meet God, he tells the elders to wait for him and says in case of any disputes, they should consult Aaron and Hur.

Moses remained on the mountains for forty days and nights to receive the instructions from God about the construction of the tabernacle and the procedures of the priesthood. God and Moses were deep in their conversation on the mountain top.

Israel feels that they were abandoned and anxious because of the absence of Moses. Then they appeared before Moses’s brother and proposed him to make a god for them who shall go before them. The reason why the people were anxious because Moses has delayed to come down from the mountains.

They were not identifying God and his greatness, and he is the one who had brought them from the Egyptian bondage. They are only thinking about Moses because he had brought them from Egypt.

Israel people committed sin in today’s bible verse in English:

So they requested to make an idol to replace that in place of Moses. Aaron’s response led Israel to commit a terrible sin. He told them to bring all the gold from their wives, sons, and daughters.

He gathered the gold and made an image of a calf and told them to worship the golden calf because he had brought them from Egypt. Then Yahweh looked all these sins from the mountains and said to Moses to go down. When Moses is coming from the mountain, he broke the tabernacle stones by throwing down.

Then Moses went to his brother and asked him. Then his brother told him when people gave me gold I threw in the fire, and then the calf came out. Already God had taught them not to worship any idols. It is a sin. But they forget the commandments of God.

Then Moses told the people who are on the Lord’s side gather at one place then Levites gathered then the Levites killed the remaining people because God had commanded them, nearly 3000 people were killed on that day.

Repenting before God about our sins in free daily bible verse: Moses told his brother that he would go to the Lord and do something to forgive people’s sins. He also told the people to clean themselves, and he will go to the Lord and ask the redemption of their sins.

Then he said to the Lord to forgive their sins or otherwise remove his name from the book of life. Then Lord answered him by saying go to the place which I command you and my angels will go before you. And said that when I visit you, then I will visit their sins. God suffered the people because of the golden calf.


Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. When Israel people sinned, Moses went to the Lord to ask him for forgiveness. So when we make any sin we need to ask Jesus to forgive our sins, then he will forgive us. He is the mediator between father and us.when we trust him we will forgive us with his blood.

Sometimes satan makes us to make mistakes, and then we need to repent before Christ. We should never forget the Lord because we are alive because of him. Israel people forgot everything that the Lord has done for them and worshipped the golden calf. So Lord punished them. We should not worship any idols because it is a sin.

Sometimes God tests us, at that time, we need to wait on the Lord patiently, but the Israel people had not waited on the Lord and committed sin. We need to have a character like Moses because even though he knows everything, he humbled himself before God and asked for repentance of people’s sin. Every time God chooses the bold one, humble himself before God.

Father Lord Almighty, Thank you, God, forgive me for all the sins. Make me follow and honour your commandments. I pray, Amen.

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