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Download Bible online! Yes, that is correct, it’s now the time to spend more time with god, instead of wasting our precious time on the unfruitful things like using the social media and playing games. While we have the power of mobile technology, feeling closer to god is now easier than ever before. Just search for NIV Bible online and you will have a wide range of options available from different portals.

Aiming to make things easier and simple, CM Portal brings to you the option to download the holy Bible in English PDF without even. And we don’t put any restrictions when you download bible New Testament PDF online with us.

And you need not carry a paperback Bible with you as you will have the best one available with you on your mobile device, which you can just tap to open and start reading, as per the time. Whether you are on a train, at workplace or waiting for a friend in the hotel, you can just tap on your mobile screen to have access to the Holy Bible with English Bible PDF.

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But that’s not all that you get when you download English Bible PDF online. There are a lot more benefits when you have your own Holy Bible PDF on your mobile device.


One of the best reasons that encourage having Holy Bible PDF on mobile devices is that you have the flexibility to slow down and spread the homework out as you see fit. You can open the PDF file whenever you want to and then start with your time availability. Also, some PDFs also allow you to mark till where you have read so you never feel lost in the number of pages of holy Bible.

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Another prime benefit of the Bible PDF is that you have the ability to share the knowledge with others as per their needs. And you can’t just share your thoughts about God with others, but also you can share the Bible PDF with them so they can also read it as per their availability.


After some time, when the holy book of the Bible starts to get damaged, we all feel sorrow as these books are very special to us. We can’t through them, but it gets very difficult to read because they are no longer in the perfect shape. The holy bible in English PDF, on the other hands, are much different to their paperback counterparts as they never get damaged. You can easily keep a copy of your holy bible in English PDF in your laptop or desktop so you can download it again on your mobile device.

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We are living in the digital era where everyone is connected with each other using mobile devices. Following the growing technology, online NIV bible download PDF is the best way to stay connected with God as the future is mobile and these PDF files give you access to the Holy Bible whenever you want.

At CM Portal, we take pride in having the latest collection of bible new testament PDF and they are easily available to download with no fees. We believe in spreading the love and belief of god, which is only possible with online holy Bible.

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Go ahead and have access to the Bible in PDF format and are easily available to download with a single click on your mobile device. Whether you are a teenager or a working professional, the collection is suitable for everyone.