Questions for God

Go with the strength you have got . . . . i will be able to be with you. nlt Judges 6:14, 16

What would you are doing if the Lord showed up within the middle of your workday with a message? This happened to Gideon, one amongst the traditional Israelites. “The angel of the Lord perceived to him and aforementioned, ‘Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!’ ” Gideon may have responded with a inarticulate nod and gulp, however instead he aforementioned, “If the Lord is with America, why has all this happened to us?” (Judg. 6:12–13 nlt). Gideon wished to grasp why it appeared as if God had abandoned His folks.

God didn’t answer that question. when Gideon had endured seven years of enemy attacks, starvation, and concealing in caves, God didn’t make a case for why He ne’er intervened. God may have disclosed Israel’s past sin because the reason, however instead He gave Gideon hope for the longer term. God said, “Go with the strength you have got . . . . i will be able to be with you. And you may destroy the Midianites” (vv.14, 16 nlt).
Lord, i’m reaching intent on You for the peace i want.

Do you ever surprise why God has allowed suffering in your life? rather than respondent that specific question, God might satisfy you together with his closeness nowadays and prompt you that you simply will believe His strength once you feel weak. once Gideon finally believed that God was with him and would facilitate him, he engineered Associate in Nursing altar and known as it “The Lord Is Peace” (v. 24).

There is peace in knowing that no matter we tend to do and where we tend to go, we tend to accompany God WHO secure ne’er to go away or desert His followers.

What might be higher than obtaining answers to our why questions? Trusting an honest and powerful God.

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