The Right Track

Lord I know you’re near to me
I know there’s nothing You can’t see
Help me to be all that You want me to be
Touch my mind, body and soul, set them free

You pick me up when I’m down
Even when it’s my sorrows I want to drown
You love me still in spite of myself
Mostly when I feel I have nothing left
You bless me over and over again

Now I wonder why I ever ran
Your love for me runs deeper than the days run long
It’s no wonder my love for You has grown strong
You have my back when it’s heart that I lack
With You by my side, now I’m on the right track.

It took me a lifetime to get this far
No one but You can see all the scars
I long for the day that they’ll all be healed
But right now it’s each and every one that I feel

The sad thing is: I could have avoided the fall
If I had only given You my all and all
You’ve never tried to force Your love on me
It was always there whenever I was in need

I’ll never find a love more special than Yours
I guess that’s why I kept opening doors trying to find a love that was true
Hmmm, maybe I’ll snap my fingers and it’ll appear out of the blue
I’ve already tried that fairy tale
That one is setup so you can only fail

Everything I need or want, I’ve found in You
The peace that I have is the absolute proof.