Christmas: A festival of love and brotherhood

Christmas is a festival of joy, present, and feast which is celebrated on the auspicious day of 25th December. The day when Lord Jesus Christ was born to father Joseph and mother, Mary at Bethlehem. People started celebrating this day as it was the birthday of the savior of mankind “Jesus”.

Christmas is one of the most important festivals for the Christian community. However, the festival has evolved into a glove religious and secular festival, including many non-Christian communities.

What is the Meaning of Christmas?

Jesus Christ, the son of God, holds an important place in Christians heart. He was the one who taught a new way of life to people and saved them from their sorrows and sins. Jesus is considered as the light of the world. He was born in a time when the society was filled with evils like hatred, violence, greed, etc. He was sent by God to save mankind from these evils.

Christmas – A festival of love and brotherhood

Twelve Days of Christmas:

Christmas is celebrated over twelve days, and it is also known as “Twelvetide”.

  • The first day is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • The Second day is called boxing day, and it is celebrated as the martyrdom of Stephen (the first Christian Martyr).
  • The third day is celebrated as Feast of St. John the Apostle.
  • The fourth day is the Feast of Holy Innocents.
  • The fifth day Feast of St. Thomas Becket.
  • The sixth day is in remembrance of St. Egwin of Worcester (Protector of orphans and widows).
  • Seventh-day is obviously the eve of New Year.
  • Eight day is celebrated in commendation of Mother Mary.
  • The ninth day is celebrated in honor of St Basil.
  • The tenth day is the day when Jesus was named in the holy temple.
  • Eleventh day in the Feast of St. Simeon.
  • The last day is known as Epiphany Eve, and it marks the end of “Twelvetide”.


How is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas is celebrated with great zeal and fervor. Churches are stunningly decorated with flowers, Christmas trees and electronic lightings on the eve of 24th. Everywhere you go, you will see colorful lights, sparkling chains, bells, and stars. Christian community come on road, singing, dancing, and enjoy with friends and families.

Traditions of Christmas:

  • Christmas Tree: Christmas celebration always starts with a Christmas tree. People either use a natural or artificial tree. People usually decorate with stars, balloons, tinsels, gifts, candles, lights, etc. It is believed that Christmas trees invite positive energy in the house and drove away evil spirits.
  • Santa Claus: Santa Claus or as I may say Saint Nicholas. Gifts have become an integral part of not only Christian but other communities as well. Legend has it that Santa Claus rides on his sleigh and it is pulled by his special seven reindeers. During this ride, Santa distributes gifts to good children all over the world.


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