Bible verses about Repentance

Importance of repentance in the bible

The word repent means to turn or return.
In the bible, the word repentance means to turn from evil and to turn to God.

If we are unrighteous we need to repent and turn to God to receive his forgiveness.

If we are forgiven we have access to lead a spiritual life and also membership to heaven.

Repentance will lead us to Godliness while eradicating bad habits which leads to sin.

Learn about the true meaning of repentance in the following bible verses.

Bible verses about repentance and confession

Matthew 4:17
Luke 17:13
Matthew 3:8
Isaiah 30:15
Acts 3:18-19
2 Corinthians 7:9
Revelation 3:3
Roman’s 2:5
Revelation 2:5

video about scriptures on repentance knowing jesus

Bible verses about Repentance