What musical instruments did David play in the bible?

The music was first mentioned during the time when David was a young man. David was called by Samuel to soothe king saul with beautiful songs. He was working for king saul and he found favor in the king’s sight. David worked in the presence of king saul for several years.

When David was a young man he began to work with king saul’s private musician. David’s musical instrument was called kinnor and it is also known as lyre or harp. It has 10 strips. Each string will play a different note and it is called pentatonic. It has a rectangular soundbox and two curved arms of unequal length. It can be played with fingers or with a plectrum.

The lyre was a common musical instrument during the late eleventh and early twelfth centuries. The seal is made of brown jasper with orange color spots. It will make a soft and sweet sound. David’s task was not to entertain saul. Saul also didn’t choose him for his skills in music.

He chooses David because Saul needed quite a music to comfort himself because an evil spirit came to him to torment. When David starts masterfully playing the harp then the evil spirit will leave saul. He also knows that David had a strong relationship with God. So He chose David to play the harp.

How harp represents:

The harp symbol is music, instruments, joy, and worship in praising God. It has been a symbol of worship in heaven. The harps are also associated with the Angel’s. They sat on clouds and played harps in heaven. In the book of revelation, chapters say four creatures holding harps and worshipping the Lord. The harp is also listed as one of the easiest to play while the guitar and violin are most difficult. These are hand made out of good materials and its cost is closer to the actual cost because the demand is higher for it.

This is one of the examples of what music can make to a person. The music will comfort the soul and provide peace for the mind. It also encourages our hearts. David’s harp was a great instrument that helped saul to be comforted from the evil spirits.

King David is one of the authors of the book of psalms in the bible. He appears as a holding carp, which is a stringed instrument often associated with psalms. But first, he started using the harp in the book of psalms. King David is the one who always worshipped the lord by singing psalms, hymns, songs to the Lord. He has a very strong relationship with God. God loved David so much so He said a man after his heart was David. In the old testament, we know that David is the one who praised God by writing and singing psalms.

Lastly, I want to say that we should strive to worship him in everything we do. The main thing is that we need to build some worship habits and dedicate our time each day to praise God. So that we will be renewed and uplift our daily lives. Let us all make a decision today itself that I will praise and worship the Lord every day with the whole being.

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