Christian Rock Bands

Christian Rock Bands to be honest, when most people think of metal music, God is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Christian heavy metal bands have something to do with demons and satans, right? While there is some precision in this generalization, it is likewise evident that probably the best hard rock and metal groups are really founded on conviction.

Christian rock bands music usually falls in a category of its own, but the groups on this list have gone beyond that. You don’t need to be a Christian to truly appreciate groups like August Burns Red and Norma Jean, regardless of whether you disagree with their reality see.

Popular christian bands

Throughout the most recent couple of many years, Christian bands have gotten one of the quickest developing types in all music, as proven by this list of the best Christian rock bands. Some of the largest genre groups dominate radio in certain markets. In the heart of America, many Christian rock bands have surpassed some of the biggest names in pop music.

While contemporary Christian rock bands music doesn’t get as much attention in the mass stream as elsewhere, this particular christian hard rock band resonates with fans who love the message religious music conveys.

But is there a way to sort out the fanatical debate about who is the best Christian rock band? This list attempts to answer the question of which biggest and brightest stars of the genre can really be considered the greatest.

There is a wide variety of bands here, including classic 90s outfits like Jars of Clay and Switchfoot. This list also includes younger groups such as Skillet and Paramore, so there is a lot of variety in choosing a Christian group to choose from.

What is the best Christian band of all time? Who is the greatest Christian rock musician of all time? If you are a fan of Christian rock music these are the bands to be included in the debate. But it’s up to you to determine the number of votes to determine the best Christian band. This list of Christian rock songs tries to show who is the best.

Christian rock is a type of awesome music that incorporates verses that pay attention to issues of the Christian confidence, frequently with an accentuation on Jesus, as a rule performed without help from anyone else selected Christians.

The extent to which their texts are explicitly Christian varies from group to group. Numerous Christian Rock songs have connections to contemporary Christian music marks, the media, and celebrations, while different groups are free.

Christian rock Band Definition

There are many definitions of what qualifies as a “Christian rock” band. Christian rock bands such as Servant, Third Day and Petra, who explicitly express their beliefs and use religious imagery in their lyrics, are more likely to be perceived as part of the contemporary Christian music industry (CCM).

Other groups play music that is influenced by their beliefs or contains Christian imagery, but sees their audience as the general public. For example, Bono U2 incorporates many elements of spirituality and belief in the lyrics, but the band is not immediately called a “Christian Rock” band.

Such groups are sometimes rejected by the CCM rock scene and can emphatically reject the CCM label. Other bands can experiment with a more aggressive style of music.

From the 1990s and 2000s, even the puritans saw wider acceptance of heavy metal christian bands, industrial Christianity, and Christian punk. Many of these bands are represented on predominantly Christian record labels such as Tooth and Nail Records and Facedown Records.

Rock artists such as Switchfoot do not claim to be a “Christian rock songs” but include members who openly profess to be Christian or who sometimes incorporate Christian thoughts, images, scriptures or other influences into their music.

Some of these groups, such as Creed, reproduce the spiritual content of their music and are generally viewed as a “Christian band ” by the popular media.

Some famous christian groups dismissed the mark since they would not like to draw in only Christian fans or on the grounds that they related to a specific music classification, for example, christian heavy metal bands or indie rock.

Best christian metal bands

While Christian hard rock bands are used as an umbrella term for various genres of rock music that advance the theme of the Christian faith, a lyrical interpretation of hope through new life in Jesus links different genres.

Heavy metal christian bands spread the message of hope promised by the Messiah through their lyrics. Christian rock’s bands emerged in the 1950s through various forms of experimentation in evangelical music, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that Christian rock gained prominence.

A number of ethnic groups in the 1960’s, who were influenced by the Jesus movement, started living in the area of spreading God’s word through their experimental music. The Crusaders, a garage band, and Mind Garage, a band experimenting with psychedelic rock and roll in the 1960s, were among the first bands to pave the way for the Christian rock scene.

Although conservative Christians opposed Christian rock music in the 1960s, calling it anti-Christian, the Christian rock movement gained momentum and became one of the largest musical movements in a religious context.

Although contemporary Christian music, gospel music, and Christian rock bands live in harmony, the three often fork and lean separately on their perspectives on the Christian faith. Two bands that paved the way for heavier rock brands to integrate into contemporary Christian music are Resurrection Band and Petra.

The two groups became very popular in the 1980s. In the 80s, many Christian rock bands performed in the genre of Christian hard rock bands and glam rock. Stryper and White Heart are two bands that became popular during the decade of glamor. The 1990s gave birth to Donner and an explosion of alternatives.

Several Christian rock bands with a taste for alternative music and grunge emerged in the 1990s. Bands such as Jars of Clay, Audio Adrenaline and Third Eye have made a big impression worldwide with their Christian rock brands.

The Christian rock boom of the 1990s paved new avenues for Christian metal bands. The world of Christian rock bands is one of the most active music movements in the world. Many best christian rock bands around the world have achieved great success.

A large number of Christian rock artists release their music independently, as do many Christian record companies. Over the years, many best Christian metal bands have signed record deals with major record labels. The road ahead looks bright for Christian rock. We will see a new wave of Christian rock and metal.

Some Top christian rock artists are

  • Lecrae
  • Austin French
  • Lauren Daigle
  • Kanye West
  • Hillsong UNITED
  • MercyMe
  • Bethel Music
  • Skillet

The following list shows Christian groups in rock and their subgenres.

30 best Christian rock bands

  1. Mind Garage
  2. Petra
  3. The Crusaders
  4. Resurrection Band
  5. Jars of Clay
  6. Delirious
  7. Stryper
  8. Prodigal
  9. Audio Adrenaline
  10. Skillet
  11. Third Day
  12. Oficina G3
  13. White Heart
  14. Kutless
  15. The Kry
  16. Flyleaf
  17. Thousand Foot Krutch
  18. Disciple
  19. Relient K
  20. Jerusalem
  21. Critical Mass
  22. White Cross
  23. Casting Crowns
  24. Pillar
  25. By The Tree
  26. Hawk Nelson
  27. Red
  28. Decyfer Down
  29. We As Human
  30. Firefight

Top 10 christian rock bands

Here is a list of Top 10 christian rock bands I’ve put together that are amazing (in my opinion) and on par with most artists in the secular music industry.


This Swedish power metal stunt is named after the fictional world of Narnia from the literary series The Chronicles of Narnia. The most popular christian bands music contains many neoclassical elements and all the usual power metal tropes, while their lyrics contain a mix of Narnia-inspired stories and lyrics that glorify Christianity. The group disbanded in 2010, only to reunite four years later.

August burns red

Founded in 2003, August Burns Red is an American metalcore actor and multiple Grammy nominee top christian band. Group members identify as Christian because they try not to be too evangelical but to let Christianity shine through their songs. What’s more, despite the fact that they demand that their top christian groups aren’t Christian Metal, their verses actually have a conspicuous Christian quality to them.


Another list of christian metal bands that don’t identify themselves as Christian Metal, their lyrics are strongly inspired by Christian Faith and the Bible. The top christian bands music was a combination of death and whip metal in their initial days, taking after acts like Pestilence or Death, while their later works fused different experimental and classical influences.


Another Top christian rock band originated from Ohio and was founded in 2005. Although the band’s name is often associated with the films Meryl Streep and Ann Hathaway, the name of the 2003-inspired book was actually mentioned. It also reflects the religious and anti-materialist beliefs of the group, which claims that we will all be equal before God when the Final Judgment comes.


Top christian rock band that formed in 1989 in Los Angeles, California, this old school heavy metal band features a creative musical style that includes everything from thrash metal techniques and neoclassical styles to global musical influences such as flamenco. They have delivered eight collections and are presently under the name The Tourniquet Ark following the takeoff of artist Luke Easter.

Hordes / Antestor

These two groups of top christian bands share the honor of being the first list of christian metal bands to later develop the black metal movement. The Horde is widely considered to be the first non-ferrous metal, with the term itself being a play on the phrase “Darkthrone plays unholy black metal” and turning it into a holy unblack.


Moving away from Black Metal and the more optimistic fields of Power Metal, an ideal backdrop for an increase in Christian texts. What’s special about Theocracy, however, is that the band, playing traditional European Edguys style power metal, originated in the US, a place where the genre was not as popular in the old world.

What started as a solo project under Matt Smith’s direction has grown into a four-album band. The theocracy expertly established its Christian belief in poetry. Look no further than I am for evidence.


California-based Stryper is a most popular christian band. When someone says Christian Metal or White Metal, Stryper is probably the first thing that comes to mind. What sets Stryper apart from most of the groups on this list is that they are very active Christians and often send out copies of the Bible to audiences at live shows. The group has achieved platinum and gold sales status several times.

They broke up in 1992 but got back together in 2003.His final album, God Damn Evil, will be released on April 20, 2018 on Frontiers Records.


Nashville-based rockers at Skillet embark on this March journey with Breaking Benjamin, Underoath, and Fight the Fury, who are already strong enough to prove how much they are loved.

This hard rock powerhouse has been releasing hit after hit (“The Last Night”, “Monster”, “Feel Invincible”) since the early 2000s and is unlikely to slow down. The male to female ratio in the 50:50 quartet is also part of what makes Skillet so dynamic and impressive.


Since 2003 I have felt New Metal is a dying genre, but these guys have proven me wrong. The islanders took advantage of influences from bands such as Deftones and P.O.D. and is best described as the familiar sound of the new metal of the late 90’s, inspired by new and youthful energy.

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