What are the most popular evergreen Christian songs?

Christian songs are a part of worshipping the Lord for his amazing grace. Our site has a huge collection of Christian songs that is available for all Christian music lovers. If you want to download Christian songs our site is the best place to find out all the Christian songs in different languages. Christian songs have great power and inspire thousands of people all around the world. The songs will unite the people in their faith and love and give potential to heal souls.

Every person has ups and downs in their life. In such moments you should not give up and you need to be strong. At that time our Christian songs can provide the strength and guide in your hardships. If you want the best Christian songs you can search for our page CM portal. We have delightful and inspired songs for all time. These Christian songs lists will touch your heart.

We have a huge collection of inspirational Christian songs that will make your feet tapping on the floor and dance. If you want to lift your spirit you can listen to these songs.

Evergreen devotional Christian songs download

We have evergreen Telugu Christian songs in all languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, Canada, Malayalam. We have Jesus evergreen album songs for Christmas. Day by day many latest songs are updated but these songs are all-time evergreen songs. These are also called as golden hit Christian songs.

We have some evergreen Telugu Christmas songs like andala tara. When we see in English the evergreen Christmas songs are jingle jingle bells, hark the herald’s Angels songs. When we sing all these songs really our Christmas season will become more enjoyable and happy. We even sing these songs as Carol songs.

We have evergreen Christian songs in English that are blessed the lord o, my soul. This is one of the most famous and hit songs released in the year 2013. The album for this song was spirit and song. The writer of this song was Jonas Martin, Matt Redman. This song got many awards and it is the most viewed and listening song all over the world by worshippers. When you listen to this song you will be filled with the holy spirit and worship the Lord. All these songs are available in our CM Portal.

Our page also provides Christian golden hit songs like bhasillenu siluvalo, aparadhini yesayya, deva samsthuthi cheyave, nadipinchu naa naava, devuni Prema idigo. These are all the hit Telugu Christian evergreen songs. We provide all these songs with lyrics. Once you listen to all these songs and you can download the songs for free as mp3 audio. We give access to download the audio and video songs.

The evergreen Christian song in Hindi is ibadat Karo. This is one of the most famous Christian songs in Hindi. The artist of this song was Anil Kant and it was released in the year 2003. The album of this song was Ibadat Karo. So we provide this song on our site you can also enjoy this song by listening or watching the song. We Also have the best popular worship Christian songs. Once you can step into our page you find various song lists. We also provide lyrics for each song so you can understand the meaning.

We also have evergreen Christian wedding songs like vivaham annadi pavitramainadi, devarani deevanalu song, kalyanam kamaneeyam, anninta ganamainadi vivaham. We have all these wedding songs to make your wedding more memorable. We have wedding song collections in all languages.

Our page has 1 lakh of songs and the topmost site on the internet. If you have any suggestions you can message so that we will be updated with new features. We also give access to download many songs. We have youtube videos with high speed and full clarity without interruption. We provide all the melodious Christian songs for all age groups. You can worship the Lord and keep your body, mind, soul refreshed.

The songs are also categorized in an alphabetical manner. So you can search for the songs without wasting any time. Stay always updated with our latest happenings around the world with our CM portal.in our goal is to spread the gospel to everyone and draw everyone to God and lead a happy Christian life. You can share our page to your friends and relatives so that they can also listen to the songs and be blessed.