Reading the Bible, an easy task and pleasant hobby

Yes, we all know that most people do not usually have the time they want them to read the Bible. To me, the Bible is a book that needs to be read in a very different way. Mostly you take a book and you read from the first chapter and you keep reading until you get to the last page.

With the Bible, the best approach is a different approach. This sacred book takes more than just reading. It takes time, patience, and the will to open your heart and mind to the truth that is within the pages of the Holy Bible.

I will list for you some of the best ways to read the Bible and then I will read back and ask you to share your ideas with me as well. Can you please write and tell me if any of these ideas have helped you read more? And write and let me know what your own creative ideas are.

Good ways to read the Bible:

  • Open the Bible at random and place your hand on a page, paragraph, and just read the few lines or the entire paragraph.
  • Go to a religious or spiritual bookstore and read the decorative items in there. (Most have biblical quotes on them), or pick up their Bible and read.
  • Go to Barnes and Noble Bookshops, find the Bible or Reference section, and look for the most fashionable or interesting looking Bible, and take a peek inside and read a few lines.
  • Go to a Bible class and read with all your neighbors.

These are all ways to read the Bible. What are your ideas?

It is easy to read the Bible once you have made the decision. And once you have a plan and a few different versions of the Bible, it will be even easier. Some of the best Bibles that I have read were Bibles with pictures, photographs, color coordinated words and pages. I really enjoy reading from a New Testament that has the words of Jesus Christ written in red. This makes the promises and instructions stand out from the rest of the words. So what is your best way to read the Bible? If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Share your Bible reading ideas with our viewers here. And I hope you find your favorite version of the Bible to have with you.