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“Look, in this town, there is a man of God.” 1 Samuel 9:6. In this bible verse of the day, we will learn about the man of God, Samuel. He has anointed saul to rule over the Israel people.

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Samuel was a prophet and judged for the Israel people. When he was old, he appointed his two sons as judges to the Israel people. But His sons don’t walk in his ways. Then the Israel people asked Samuel to appoint a new king to rule them. Then Samuel came to the Lord and prayed to him. Then God said they had rejected me; that’s why they were asking a king to rule over them.

So at last, God decided to appoint a king to rule over them. Till that the Israel people don’t have any king, only the judge to rule them. A man of Benjamin named Kish, he is a mighty man of power. He had a son named Saul, a choice young man, goodly, and there were no other children in Israel like him.

The journey of Saul to Samuel in free daily Bible Verse:

When the asses of Kish were lost, he called his son Saul and his servant to find out. Then they went to Ephraim and then shalisha and then shaalim, and they passed through the land of the Benjamites, but they did not found.

Then they come to the land of zuph, and then saul said to his servant, let us go home because my father leaves caring for the asses and will think for us. Then the servant told saul that there is a man of God in this city; he is an honorable man. If he says anything, it will come surely to pass, and he will show us the way.

Then they both went to Samuel. When Samuel saw Saul, the Lord said to him that he is the one who reigns the Israel people. Then saul and his servant approached Samuel. Then he said to them eat with me today and tomorrow, and I will say what is there in your heart. Don’t think of the asses I will explain how the way and you can find them.

By the will God Samuel anointed Saul in everyday Bible Verse:

Then Samuel told Saul that God has appointed him as a king to rule the Israel people. Then he took oil and anointed saul. Saul was surprised, then Samuel said that the spirit of the Lord would come unto you, and you will prophesy and turn into another man.

Saul is a gracious gift of the Lord to Israel people because even though they did sin, god, as appointed a king to them. He shows mercy and compassion on them. God picked a superior man to rule the Israel people. He supernaturally put his spirit in saul.

Samuel always learns the will of God by concerning him every day and pray to God in times of difficult situations. He faithfully carried out his work and duties for the Israel people and also judges.


Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. God always wants to give us a superior position. In the above context, God wanted to be made the asses to lose and made saul to find out and make him go to Samuel. He made a way to make saul as a king.

So God always makes the best way to reach our destinations. His plans are always greater than satan’s plan. Samuel is also a man of God because he always has faith in God. So people described him as an honorable man.

Even though Israel made sin, God forgave them and fulfilled their wish by appointing a king to rule them. Even we made sins when we come closer to him, and he will forgive us. This is the heart of our Lord. If we are a man of God, he puts his spirit in us so that what we say will surely happen. This is the gift of God.

Father Lord Almighty, make me a man of godlike Samuel and also an honorable man and a faithful man. I pray, Amen.

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