God Knows our Ways: Psalms Verse of the Day

You discern my going out and my lying down; you are familiar with all my ways. Psalm 139:3. The author of this chapter was king David. David always has a personal relationship with God.

Is it true? God knows our ways in the cmportal.in – word of God today from the bible

David personally talked to God to search for him. Because God knows everything about everyone. God watches our inner soul and sees everyone who we are really. David was a faithful man who had a great relationship with God. So he shares his thoughts with God.

God knows the way we are walking. He knows all our ways. It is impossible to escape from God’s view. He is the one who created it, so he knows all our ways. If we walk in his ways, he will keep his angels to guard us.

God knows our actions and ways in bible scripture reading:

In John 6:70-71 says when Jesus was speaking to the disciples, he said that one of the disciples in you is the devil. He spoke about judas because God knows his cruel mind. He is the one who will betray. We think that God knows nothing, but he knows our inner thoughts.

In Psalms 121:3-8, says God will not let our foot move. He will not slumber. He is our keeper; he is the one who will keep away from all the evils and keep our life. When we walk in his ways, he will keep us safe in his arms. Ion 1samuel 2:9 says he will guard the feet of the one who is faithful to God, but the one who is wicked in nature will stay in the darkness.

We need to righteous before him so that he will protect in every circumstance. When we have divine involvement with God, then he knows our ways. God, the one who gives us comfort in our troubles, is acquainted with and helps to bring out our paths, worries, and distractions.

God searches our hearts at a deeper level in psalms verse of the day:

We need to ask God to search me so that he will search our hearts at a deeper level and say what the qualities we are lacking are. So that we can learn more from God. Before we say something in our hearts, He knows everything because, with eternal love, He loved us.

He created everyone in His image, so obviously, he knows everything. Before we are in our mother’s womb, God knows about us. How lucky we are because God knows everything before we know and make us walk righteously in our life.


Christian Music Portal comes up with bible verses to read daily with the most inspirational Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Even God knows our darkest secrets. We think that no one has seen me, and no one knows my secrets, but God knows everything. He knows our hearts at a deeper level.

God ‘s love is perfect so that we can be comforted by him. He knows what we will face in the future, and he stands by us and helps us in every circumstance of our life. The prayer of David is very powerful. We need to practice the same prayer. Every time in our prayers, we ask about our needs.

We are wonderful and fearful made by God, so we need to praise him and worship him with our hearts.

Father Lord Almighty, thank you, Lord, for comforting and knowing me more than I know. Make me walk in your ways. I pray, Amen.

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