God Is Close To The Broken-Hearted: Daily Scripture Reading

Introduction: The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18. King David wrote these psalms through his experiences.

Let us know how God is close to us in the broken times in the cmportal.in -today bible verse in English.

Description: David says that he will always bless the Lord and praise him continuously in my mouth. He says to the people to praise together with him to God. He is the one who delivers from all the fears. Blessed is the man who trusts him and tastes him and says that he is good. Keep the tongue from all the evil and do good so that we can seek peace. The eyes of the Lord on the righteous people and will listen to the cry of them.

Those who do evil the face of the Lord is against them and cut them off from the earth. He will hear and deliver from all the troubles of righteous people. These psalms teach more about the human experience facing day to day life. We think that God is far from us; our thoughts are wrong; he is always close to our hearts. He had put his holy spirit in us, which teaches what is good and evil. At the times of brokenness, we feel the presence of God with us.

In Isaiah 57:15 says that the Lord dwells in the high and holy place and also those who are contrite and low in spirit. He will revive the heart of contrite and spirit of the lowly. At the times of contrite in heart, he will revive us. In psalms, 119:151 says he is near to us, and all the commandments given by him are true.

In psalms, 145:18 says when we call him with truth and heartfully, the Lord is near to us and delivers us from all the troubles. In psalms, 147:3 says that God heals those who are broken-hearted and bind their wounds. Ezekiel 36:26 says that he will replace the broken heart with a new heart and put a new spirit so that we will be comforted by his holy spirit. So we need to ask God to give a new heart.

In luke 4:18, Jesus says that the spirit of the Lord is upon him, and he was anointed to preach the good news to the poor and set free the one who are captives and those who are oppressed. The father lord sent his son to set free from the broken hearts and captives.

If our hearts are broken at that time, we can experience God and experience the greatest growth out of it. His grace is sufficient for us when we are broken-hearted. In Christian life, we all face suffering, but we need to have faith that God is with us and deliver us from all the sufferings.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. In our most difficult times, God is near us and heal our broken hearts and bind our wounds. We feel that God is far from us, but he is in us as a holy spirit. When we are low in the spirit, he will revive our low spirit to high. His arms are close to us when we call him.

In the most difficult situations, he is close to us and save us from the greatest time of need. We need to call him and pray to him so that his presence will be with us always. Ask him to grant a new heart and a new spirit.

Father Lord almighty, thank you for being with me at the times of broken hearts and saving me from the crushed spirit. I pray, Amen.

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