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Now get access to the Holy Bible in your dear mother language Telugu. Telugu bible Grantham is a pure translation of the original bible by which one can enhance oneself. We at CM Portal provide user-friendly Telugu bible online which helps the user to access the bible in mobile and easy to carry. Telugu bible is explained very much in detail in chapter format to help you comprehend and inculcate values better. Telugu bible explanation is as such which is very self-explanatory and very easily understood.

Telugu Bible preaches lessons for life which one needs to inculcate within them. There are lessons categorized for different people like Telugu lessons for youth, Telugu lessons for children, and many more. Youth is the driving force for any country for this reason there is specific importance given to Telugu Bible lessons for youth. CM Portal’s prime motive is to satisfy customers and always be customer-oriented. Users can access the Telugu bible online at zero cost that is Telugu Bible is available for free to the users.

Doing something without reason is just a waste of time. When you are reading without understanding its meaning then it’s just a waste of time. For this reason, to understand history better, we also provide Telugu bible Charitra so that one can understand the purpose of his reading. We have all the collections of Telugu bible from the oldest Telugu bible books to the new version Telugu bible books. We keep updating as and when there is a new edition in the market. To serve you better we also provide the translation of Telugu Bible in English script. To make it user friendly for other readers from different language backgrounds as well, so that it reaches a large number of people. We also provide Telugu bible online reading. You can read online and download it free.

Now you can sway in Telugu bible keerthanalu and enjoy the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ and learn from Telugu bible storybooks, Telugu bible dictionary, and Telugu bible lessons. Telugu bible nighantuvu is also available where you can clear on all your doubts related to Telugu bible Grantham.

Telugu Bible Kotha nibandhana is also listed to make you understand the defined rules and regulations. To get access to much better options CM Portal provides you with additional access to different books by providing you with Telugu bible reference books, where the user can take benefits of knowledge. Telugu bible samethalu and Telugu bible promises keep us motivated to follow the path of righteousness and sacredness. Sacred songs of worship, Telugu bible psalms, and words of Gospel acts as a driving force for people and serves as an effective way of propagating. So, friends read more and become wiser and get a new purpose in your life. Happy reading!

తెలుగు బైబిల్ పాత నిబంధన (Telugu Holy Bible Old Testament)

తెలుగు బైబిల్ కొత్త నిబంధన (Telugu Holy Bible New Testament)