Truth and Consequences: Telling the Great Bible Stories for Children

Ever wondered what made Eve take the forbidden fruit after experiencing the amazingly close and unobstructed relationship with God? I can’t say what ran through her mind, but I sometimes know what runs through mine when I disobey God. Basically, it comes down to me thinking I’m better than God. Logically, I know this is a lie. However, because of my sinful nature, the truth can be very difficult to understand. But God demands that we live by His truth. If we do not, there will always be consequences. Adam and Eve understood this and had several consequences for their disobedience. Here is a retelling of this great Bible story found in Genesis chapter 3 to help your children become acquainted with this part of God’s wonderful word …

Adam and Eve knew they had done the wrong thing when they chose to eat the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. God told them that they were not allowed to eat this fruit, but they obeyed and ate it anyway. Now they were afraid to see God – their best friend. Their fears caused them to try to hide from God among the trees in the garden. It was very silly for Adam and Eve to think they could hide from God. God knows where all His children are at all times. God knew where Adam and Eve were, and He called them.

“Adam, where are you?”

Adam said, “God, I hear your voice, but I’m afraid and hide.”

God asked him, “Why are you afraid to be with me? Have you eaten the fruit that I told you not to eat?”

Adam said, “Eve gave me some of the fruit and I ate it.”

God must have been very sad about what Adam said. God knew His rules had been broken. God will need to make some changes so that they learn how important it is to obey and love God.

First, God made changes to the serpent. He told the snake that because he tricked the couple into disobeying God, the snake would never walk on its feet again. Now the snake would crawl on its stomach like a snake. God also said that the serpent would hate Eve and all her children forever and ever.

Second, God made changes to Eve. He said she would have a lot of problems and pains in her life.

Third, God made changes to Adam. He told him that because he listened to his wife and obeyed God’s rules, he would have problems in his life as well. He had to work very, very hard for all his food. And finally, one day, his body would die and return to the dust from which God created it.

The fourth and final change was probably the hardest. The first people of God could no longer dwell in the beautiful garden. They were sent away to the hard world. God placed angels at the entrance to the garden so no one could ever go there again.

The changes God made were sad changes. But though Adam and Eve had to leave the garden, God did not leave them. And he will never leave you either.


1. How did Adam and Eve obey God? (Answer: They ate the fruit from the tree, which God asked them not to eat.)

2. Why did Adam and Eve try to hide from God? (Answer: They were scared and were ashamed / sad about what they were doing.)

3. What kind of change did God make in the serpent? (Answer: He would crawl on his stomach and he hated Eve and all her children forever.)

4. What kind of change did God make to Eve? (Answer: Eve would have a lot of problems and pains in her life.)

5. What kind of change did God make to Adam? (Answer: He would have problems in life and would have to work very, very hard for his food.)

6. Could Adam and Eve stay in the garden? (Answer: No.)

7. Did God leave Adam and Eve? (Answer: No.)