Jesus turns sorrow into joy: Daily Bible Verse reading

Now is your time of grief, but I will see you again and you will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy. John 16:22. In today’s bible verse of the day, the writer of this verse is John the Baptist is a prophet. In this Jesus Christ was speaking to the disciples.

This study will perfectly know how Jesus christ turns sorrow into joy in the – daily Bible reading.

Jesus Christ was speaking to the disciples before his resurrection from death. Before he saying these words he told them not to lose faith. The people who don’t know about father they will put them out from the house of God. The one who kills them will do God’s service.

Comfort from the holy spirit in daily bible readings online:

He is saying these words to christ because he was going to the father who had sent him. He also mentions that sorrow will fill into your hearts by these words. He said that what I am saying is true. If I depart it benefits you because the comforter will come and comfort you. If I had not departed he will not come.

If the comforter will come he will reprove the world to be concerned about their sin, righteousness, and judgment. When the spirit of truth will come he will guide into truth and will not speak himself and says whatever he hears and show the things to come.

Then Jesus Christ said to the disciples after a while you will not see me and after a while, you will see me because I’m going to the father. Again he says the world will rejoice and you will weep but your sorrow will turn into joy. Now you have sorrow because am departing from you but when I see you again your heart will have rejoiced and no one can take the joy from you.

In 2 John 14:1 says that let not the hearts troubled. We need to believe in god. Philippians 4:4 says that whatever the situation is, we need to always rejoice in the lord. In Romans 15:13 when we believe God, his hope will fill joy and peace and we are bound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The lord Jesus christ wants to turn our sorrows into joy in today’s bible verse quotes:

He suffered on the cross through imaginable sorrow because of us.
He is the risen savior who got victory over sin and death.
He turns our sorrow into joy by showing us the glory of the cross, by giving eternal life, mediator to the throne of grace.
He turns our sorrow into joy so that we believe that he has risen from death.
In 1 Peter 1:8 says that even though we have not seen him, we love and believe in me. So we need to greatly rejoice with joy which is inexpressible and glory.

Jesus Christ took our pain to give joy in everyday bible quotes:

Jesus Christ has taken our pain and suffering on the cross. He died on the cross and gave us eternal life. We need to learn that God has comforted at times of sorrows so we need to comfort others whenever they undergo afflictions.

The reason why God turns our sorrow into joy so that we will also grow like him. When god suffered he learned obedience from sufferings. He wants to make us learn from his sufferings. In times of suffering we the lord more clearly so that holy spirit will open the riches of Christ to our souls.


Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. Jesus Christ also being in the perishable body has gone through many sufferings and he learned obedience out of it. He is ready to show mercy to us and forgive our sins and wash our sins through his cross by his blood.

Sometimes Jesus wanted to make us undergo suffering, so to check our faith level. The sorrows are only temporary but the joy that comes from sorrow is everlasting. We need to believe in God because he will give us a hope that is forever.

In times of suffering, we need to spend more time in the presence of God. The joy that comes from the world is temporary but the joy that comes from the lord is everlasting. The problems in this world are temporary. Our eternal joy will sweep out all sorrows through the lord.

Father Lord Almighty, thank you for giving everlasting joy from my sorrow and you overcome the world and took my pain and sin. I pray, Amen.

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