Vitamin B-17 – Can a Vitamin Cure? The story of Laetrile


Vitamin B-17 is found naturally in many foods, such as wild blackberries, as well as in many other types of berries, grains like millet and buckwheat, beans such as fava and mung beans, raw almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts, cassava, yams, and many more . The seeds inside peaches, apricots, nectarines and cherry groves are also high in vitamin B-17, and I eat them all the time.

At the molecular level, vitamin B-17 is from a family called nitrilosides and consists of 4 parts that are 2 units of glucose, 1 unit of benzaldehyde and 1 unit of cyanide. The cyanide unit is captured by the other 3 units and cannot be released. Therefore, I can eat the seed at the bottom of my nectarines and apricots with reckless abandon and live to tell the story. However, there is only one situation where the cyanide unit can release the deadly toxin. That’s when it comes into contact with the archer, an enzyme called beta-glucosadase. There is only one place in the human body that contains significant amounts of beta-glucosadase. Cancer cells! What is strange is the enzyme beta-glucosadase, the key that opens the trap door to release the cyanide unit. It’s almost like the cancer cell wants to commit suicide or something. In addition, the device also releases benzaldehyde and it is also toxic to the cancer cell. The two substances together are about 100 times more toxic, working together than each of them. Now I just think this seems so miraculous, it has to be a god thing. But wait, it gets even better. Our bodies contain a backup enzyme called rhodanese. Rhodanese has the ability to neutralize cyanide upon contact, and it even transforms the cyanide into something beneficial to the entire body. There is only place in the human body where rhodanesis is AWOL, and it is in the presence of cancer cells that leaves the cancer cell defenseless against cyanide and benzaldehyde toxins. WOW! I just think it’s so amazing! What is the Bible verse …? Something about … ‘I’m scared and wonderfully created.’

The scientific research behind vitamin B-17 is solid. It began in the early 1950s with an American doctor and medical scientist named Dr. Ernest T. Krebs and his son Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr. For research purposes, they developed a purified, synthesized version of vitamin B-17 and called it Laetrile. Widespread animal experiments were conducted in several laboratories around the country in the 1950s and 1960s with excellent results. Other prominent doctors and researchers in other countries also began to investigate Laetrile. Dr. Hans Nieper from Germany, Dr. Ernesto Contreras of Mexico and Dr. Manuel Navarro of the Philippines.

In 1973, an American Dr. named Dr. Philip E. Binzel to treat his cancer patients with Laetrile combined with additional nutritional treatments. Soon, other doctors, Dr. John A. Richardson, CA. and Dr. W. Douglas Brodie, NV. and many more.

Dr. Binzel treated his patients with Laetrile for 20 years and wrote a book documenting his experiences using the Laetrile protocol. His book is called “Alive and Well” and you can read it online for free.

Historically, Laetrile has unfortunately been subjected to an unreasonable smash campaign. Usually I am not a conspiracy theorist, but according to the research I have done, the big pharmaceutical companies are in bed with organizations like the American Cancer Society, Memorial Sloan-Ketterling, the AMA, the National Cancer Institute and even the FDA. Chemotherapy drugs are just too profitable to tolerate competition. The riot campaign has been so thorough and the repression so complete that Laetrile has mostly been driven out of this country and into Mexico. Laetrile is largely illegal in this country. It’s a vitamin! The suppression of Laetrile has been thoroughly documented in a book called “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin.

Both laetrile and apricot kernels can only be purchased on the Internet, but it is illegal to advertise or claim that it cures cancer. It can only be advertised as a health supplement.

I Dr. Binzel’s book, “Living and well,” he provides the detailed protocol on how I have treated his cancer patients, and is a must for anyone considering using Laetrile. Also dr. Ernesto Contreras treated his patients with Laetrile at his clinic in Mexico (Oasis of Hope.) The following is a summary of their protocols as well as the approximate cost of each item. Both protocols routinely start with intravenous Laetrile in clinical settings. However, for patients unable to travel to their clinics, the following is a summary of their protocols using oral Laetrile pills. Dr. Binzel and Dr. Contreras differs on some things in the protocol, so I have noted the differences.

The first thing that Dr. Binzel addressing with his patients is their diet. In fact, he has them correct their diet for 2 weeks before starting their treatment to optimize the results. The diet is mostly a vegan with raw food, although vegetable proteins such as beans may be cooked.

Phase 1, the first 21 days.

Dr. Contreras recommends Laetrile 500 mg. tablets: 2 tablets three times a day with meals, 6 in total. Cost: $ 84.00 for 100 count.

Vitamin B-15, (pangamic acid): 1 capsule three times a day at the end of each meal, totaling 3. Cost: $ 39.95 for 100 count.

Preven- ca capsules: 1 capsule with each meal, 3 in total. Cost: $ 25.20 for 60 counts. This is only in Dr. Contreras protocol.

Megazyme Forte Enzyme Tablets: 3 tablets two hours after each meal, a total of 9. Cost: $ 16.00 for 90 counts. Dr. Binzel has his patients only take 2 tablets three times a day, 6 in total.

Ester C tablets: 1 capsule 1000 mg. with each meal, 3 in total. Cost: $ 14.99 for 120 counts. Dr. Binzel gets its patients up to 6000 mg. per. day.

Drops of vitamin A & E emulsion: 5 drops of juice or water three times a day. Cost: $ 34.95 for 60cc (1200 drops.)

Barley green juice only: 1 teaspoon of juice three times a day. Cost: $ 13.58 for 40 grams. This is only in Dr. Contreras protocol.

Shark cartilage: 3 capsules with each meal, 9 in total. Cost: $ 15.00 for 300 count. This is only in Dr. Contreras protocol.

Vitamin E: One 400-unit gel tab for lunch and one for dinner. Cost: $ 14.95 $ 100 count.

AHCC (active hexose-correlated compound): Two capsules with each meal. Cost: $ 32.00 for 60 counts. This is only in Dr. Contreras protocol.

Daily Complete liquid multivitamin nutrient: 1 oz (two tablespoons) once daily with one meal. Essence Health Blend is also an excellent source of the necessary vitamins for this protocol and it includes iodine, a necessary nutrient to fight cancer. Cost: Essence Health Blend, $ 69.95 for a 4 month delivery.

Apricot kernels: One apricot kernel for every 10 kg body weight. Maximum of 6 per Hourly or 30-35 per hour. Day is recommended. Cost: $ 12.95 for £ lb. or 380 cores. This is only in Dr. Contreras protocol.

Phase 2, the following 3 months.

Lower Laetrile 500 mg tablets to 4 a day: 1 tablet with each meal and 1 at bedtime.

Change vitamin A&E drops to 10 drops in juice or water twice a day. Suspend for 2 months after 3 months of total use including the first 21 days.

Continue the rest of the protocol as described in Phase 1

The key to successfully using this protocol is to be sure to take all the recommended supplements with Laetrile. Each supports a particular important function. For example, Megazyme Forte supplies enzymes called trypsin and chymotrypsin. These enzymes dissolve the protein lining in the cancer cell, allowing white blood cells to attach to the cancer cell. Megazyme Forte also supplies zinc, which carries Laetrile to all tissues. All vitamins and minerals boost the immune system so that the body’s natural cancer fighting defenses can work. The apricot kernels also contain vitamin B-17 and B-15, as well as other important enzymes. It is also important to follow the dietary requirements of this protocol.

There is a clinic in Reno, NV. offering intravenous low back therapy:

Reno Integrative Medical Center

Suite B.

6110 Feather

Reno, NV.

(775) 829-1009

There are many clinics in Mexico that also offer intravenous flatulence therapy. Below is the clinic founded by Dr. Contreras.

Oasis of Hope Clinic

Tijuana, Mexico

(888) 500-4673

Dr. Binzel successfully treated many patients using this protocol for 20 years. He is retired now, but is still consulting with Dr. and patients from time to time. His book “Alive and Good” can be read online online, or you can also order your own copy.

Dr. Ernesto Contreras was still practicing medicine at the age of 88 when he died in 2003. His son Francisco is now director of Oasis of Hope, the clinic his father founded.

Today, more and more courageous holistic Dr. calmly treat their cancer patients with the Laetrile protocol. Legally it can be prescribed if certain requirements are met (ie patient buys the intravenous Laetrile privately and brings it to Dr.’s Office.) I have been so inspired by both Dr. Binzel and Dr. Contreras, because they both acted, and dedicated their lives to their firm conviction that the Laetrile Protocol is truly an effective treatment for cancer.