Esoteric meaning behind the five loaves and two fish


Matthew 14: 15-20 tells us that the apostles went to Jesus and told him that the large crowd that followed him was hungry: They had no food with them to eat. The apostles wanted to send them to the cities and villages to buy food (Luke 9:12). The apostles told Jesus that a boy who had five barley loaves and two fish, but that was not enough. Jesus asked the crowd to sit down on the grass and bring the bread and fish to him. After blessing them, he asked the apostles to distribute the food to the crowd. After everything had been eaten, the apostles collected the remains that filled twelve baskets. As we know, this is fundamental to what is the Bible’s greatest but least understood allegorical content.

To derive any meaningful understanding from this story, it is necessary to read it non-literally, to read it literally, in my opinion, gives no practical advantage whatsoever. Also, reading it as applicable to our individual selves rather than to a multitude of people in some field, as described in scripture, will certainly extend the extension of awareness, thus enabling consciousness-based knowledge assimilation.

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Let’s begin this esoteric reflection in the bread and fish. The apostles, in this case, are the accompanying spiritual aspects or divine characters of the waking soul – those aspects which are fully engaged in the soul’s maturation process in Christ consciousness, and are therefore called followers of Christ within; Generally called the twelve tribes of Israel, it is the twelve baskets that are spiritually filled.

The word “crowd” appears in the Bible several times. In Mark 5: 25-30, a woman (symbolizing a soul) would see Jesus in the marketplace (the mind) and was hindered by the crowd – the overflowing thoughts that flared in our heads and blocked spiritual light. She lifted herself over the crowd – went into meditation – and thus touched His cloak, the love character of the soul. In Luke 19: 3, Zacchaeus, a tax collector – one operating from the lower self, a magnet for stress and perpetual ignorance, climbed a sycamore tree – exceeded his / her thoughts – thus experiencing the presence of the spiritual Christ. Jesus said to Zacchaeus: Luke 19: 5: Hurry down in Zacchaeus, for I must dwell in your house today – house that means to dwell in our heart as presence. In this verse, the “crowd” again refers to compulsive thought in our head that clouds our true spiritual nature, thereby forcing the mind out of the moment of consciousness and thus forcing it to live out of subconscious thought programs and by renewing the persistent spiritual ignorance. Therefore, in this case, “crowds” symbolize the amount of thoughts floating around in the head on an hourly basis to be reassured by the phrase sitting in the grass – a grassy area that proves abundance of serenity.

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Then we are told that a young boy had five barley loaves and two fish with him. The young boy here symbolizes the unripe or awakened aspect of the soul, a not yet mature in Christ consciousness.

What do these five loaves really mean? Is it bread bread for bakery? No, not at all, the five loaves as mentioned are the five senses in their unclean state. This is why they are called barley bread, because barley at that time was considered a very low form of food nutrition. The loaves symbolize the potential of experiencing life purely or divinely by providing abundant spiritual sustenance or Christ’s presence in our hearts and minds.

What do the two fish symbolize? Is it salmon, trout or pike? Well, no, they are not fish that we usually catch in the sea or a lake. The fish symbol, I believe, represents two curved lines that form the shape of an eye <>. These two fishes then symbolize the left / right cerebral spheres, and more specifically the pineal gland and pituitary gland that allow these two hemispheres to become an all-seeing consciousness or the eye of the soul. They naturally contain the spiritual idea or ideal of the entire cosmic universe or divine plan that is born into consciousness. They need awakening with natural means, such as when Kundalini energy rises from the spine. These two glands are the mechanisms of distribution through which spiritual consciousness and happiness are infused into our hearts and minds as eternity becomes reality within consciousness. This consciousness grows to serve as the capacity for divine understanding: sensibility through increased awareness as opposed to ordinary human discrimination using the unstable intellect. In this latter state, our personal world constitutes assemblages of memorial-ego-thought sets, a life devoid of mature spiritual consciousness (hence the boy only has barley bread). In this undeveloped state, our hearts and minds are directly denied Christ’s presence within, full life size, and thus personal suffering.

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Pure awareness is the ultimate eternal reality – “always was and always will be” presence – and accessible to each of us through spiritual awakening. This is why Jesus did not send the people away to buy sustenance in the market for information elsewhere. Instead, I have asked them to sit down – to meditate. John 6: 3 puts it: Jesus went up a hill and sat down with the apostles. Here Jesus (divine inner guidance) informs us to go into meditation so that he knows his love character directly through the purification of the five senses and the gland / chakra system along the spine. This is why, in Luke 9:13, Jesus said to the apostles: You give them something to eat, “them”, which means whole spiritual mechanisms – mind, body spirit – that require healing from the walk of our lives, for We are born. with original conditioning, the transfer from previous incarnations.

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At this point, we have to accept that this story, like so many biblical stories, did not actually happen, it is parables, allegorical content to make philosophical points. So how do we practically bring our five loaves and two fish to him? By meditation, this is what qualifies again in Luke 9:16: Jesus took the five loaves and two fishes, looked up to heaven, thanked God for them, broke them, and gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people – people were the thought processes and broke them, which means release of the spiritual nectar or bliss into consciousness. This is where the so-called multiplication of bread and fish comes in. The multiplication, when our limited human senses are raised, is purified to serve plenty of divine nature; in other words, the more love and divine nature we give away, the more of that we receive – the inner reward is immediate – when we sew we must reap in consciousness the nature of God, unconditional love.

If I may give an example of how we bring our bread and fish to him. Watch the turtle. When the turtle wants to become invisible, it pulls all limbs into its shell – bodily parts seem non-existent, dissolved. Similarly, as we meditate, our five senses are withdrawn from their object of experience, surrendered from all sense of bodily knowledge. After meditation, our senses then give a completely different experience in that they have been healed, rejuvenated and transformed to perceive spiritually. Through this regular practice, our senses then function to interpret through the nature of Christ.

The most important words in this biblical instruction are: “bring them to him”. This is then the formula by which our senses reconnect in their embryonic state so as to function cosmically, the ability to encompass everything. When, through the expansion of consciousness, we begin to see and understand purely – decide through in-form awareness. The difference between allegory stories and reality becomes surprising in the form of a clear understanding that there is a higher divine purpose behind this blatant phenomenal existence. That nature becomes a conscious affair of soul-eternal eternity, for here the will of God has found a compatible character that one can express – when our personal vibrations matter to this planet and the entire cosmos. The noble purpose of our lives is at play.

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Matthew 6: 6 reminds us that when we pray that we go to our room. Of course, this room is not our bedroom, ceiling or any physical room. No, rather, we go individually to the right space or sanctuary we have created in our minds; the spiritual temple which our own inner Christ rebuilds for the bread of life to be always available daily for assimilation, thus nourishing our transforming consciousness to his nature.

This into our mind, our temple, brings to him the senses and the whole nervous system. This is purification of the soul: closing the door to sensory and emotional experience, thus stopping the ceaseless mental activity that controls our lives on a daily basis through uninterrupted thought in the brain. Here in meditation we do not seek anything, listen for words of wisdom or express our desires and needs to Him. Rather, we tune in to the transcendental eternal silence that purifies and elevates ordinary human consciousness into Christ consciousness alone – interrupting the cycle of automatically recurring emotional thought patterns. Faith in God at this time is not so much an intellectual decision, but rather a one, because Faith is our natural divine reality, which is obtained through expanded consciousness. Going into transcendental silence – heightened awareness – awakens ability to see vision, clarity and clairaudience: ability to clear vision, clear feeling and soul hearing: intuitive to make the abstract concrete, such as making transcendental silence a dynamic reality within. Transcendental silence is meant to be the difference between the nondescript sea surface and the calm silence at the bottom as perceptions beyond the sea floor open to our psyche and senses. The perceived difference within is like the collapse of a megasymphonic pelvis and the soft touch of a butterfly’s wings.

Transcendental silence thus functions as the capacity for revelation as we begin to see Bible narratives as events occurring within consciousness: as our consciousness outgrows the need for parable narratives; realization that it is time for maturation beyond the installed Santa Clause paradigms.

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Once the earth has begun, this earthly journey will discover Christ within our own consciousness through a natural process. Because once the conscious decision to surrender is made – like the turtle – it becomes automatic to find and know him regardless of religion or no one. Without this process of bringing the five senses to him, we simply regain spiritual ignorance, and through such ignorance grows and erroneous understanding as an overpowering pollution, a destructive weed – or swirling clothes – around our soul. The resulting suffering is thus prolonged as a kind of blind martyr-like belief. Ignorance of divine nature is what is considered suffering. In other words, regardless of the fact that we are born, as the Bible expresses it, the natural man / woman is so spiritual, it is considered acceptable suffering to consciously live through the lower fitness senses when we are helped to transmit this Maya, this prison of ignorance and its binding influence. In many cases, we remain loyal to religious dogmas and make systems of beliefs that clearly do not serve the soul through an imaginary fear that God will be angry or our religious friends become hostile to us. In this case, enforced literal interpretation of the scriptures can be a major cause of exposure to inner change and consciousness transformation. Therefore, it is important to see biblical teachings about the human mind and all its complexities and how to overcome it spiritually and master this.

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In conclusion, it is worth remembering the protocol for the mental / nervous system. The five senses are bound to serve the mind with pleasurable experiences of all kinds. In this context, the non-spiritually awakened mind, senses and intellect do not possess the capacity for pure discrimination. The conscious mind thinks, but in the end, it is the intellect that you decide. Therefore, the intellect is decisive in how we deal with the wondering mind in search of a sense fix. Bringing the senses to him, to Transcendental Silence, achieves this miracle by transforming common sense perception into pure multi-sensory capacity: we could say water to wine, lower nature to pure spirit.

Personal stress is linked to almost 98% of all illness in the world today, making its elimination from our lives globally the first priority of our lives. Chronic stress is what sustains subconsciousness or suffering in our lives. To that end, a meditation, yoga, or mind-centering program of our choice reduces the secretion of the stress hormone Cortisol from the adrenal glands and increases the release of serotonin – the happy hormone – from the pineal gland in the brain midway between the eyebrows; all very good reasons why Jesus instructs each of us to bring our bread and fish to him, to meditate daily. Meditation in time leads to the integration of the conscious and subconscious aspects of our deeper mind so that we wake out of compulsive disorder. By withdrawing from the sensory experience and entering into full silence within our meditation, we fulfill the above bread and fish writing perfectly.