What is Easter really about, why Christianity celebrating, history, seals, star and Symbols?

What is Easter?

Symbol of hope, renewal and new life Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. People usually associate Easter with a Christian Holiday without having knowledge of what is Easter really about? After the person nailed and bound to cross (ancient form of execution called Crucifixion) rise again from the tomb after his third day of Crucifixion. Early Christians followed every Sunday a routine of remembering the resurrection of Lord Jesus. The liberalization of Israelites from Egyptian slavery is celebrated as Jewish spring festival known as Passovers. The popularly jiff about what is Easter in Christianity is always a question to most of the people here. It is celebration of good over evil. Easter is celebrated on the third day of Passovers. Once the Jewish leader decides on the dates of Passover, the consecutive third day is considered a day to celebrate Easter. Once you get to know what is Easter all about. The essence and joy of celebration doubles with lots of enthusiasm and enrichment. It is a Pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth.

Easter Sunday meaning:

Easters are significantly celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon and after the Jewish leader declares the date of Passovers. For churches in western countries the earliest Easter can fall in the month of March 22 and latest by April 25. It is always celebrated evidently on Sunday because it is marked as a day where Jesus Christ rose from the death bed and got its life. Many people specially the youth and present generation do not know the reason as to what is Easter celebrating? It is celebration of light over darkness, victory of Good over Evil and love above hatred. Every Sunday Christians go to church and lit candles as a celebration of resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ from tomb on the third day after his crucifixion. Going church on Sundays is marked as a fixed routine by every Christians from the time of early ages since the time of resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ.

Easter Orthodox:

It all started with the story of Empty tomb. After Jesus Christ body was put in the tomb there was a stone affixed with it so that nobody can steal his body as the religious leader were scared of body being stolen. On the Sunday morning that is after he was put in the tomb on Friday, Lady Mary Magdalene went to give her last rights to the body and to her surprise finds the stone rolled down and the body missing. She starts crying thinking that the body has been stolen but later on she sees two white angels telling her to stop crying and explaining to her that Lord Jesus is back to his life.

Easter eggs:

Easter eggs symbolizes the tomb of Lord Jesus Christ and it shows relation as cracking of eggs with opening of tombs. Easter eggs are used as Easter gifts to celebrate the joy and victory of Lord Jesus Christ. Initially in the olden days they use to distribute the eggs by decorating and painting the regular eggs. As the trend changes to keep with the par of ever changing world now they have started distributing chocolate eggs wrapped and rolled in colorful papers.

Easter History:

In AD 325, the council of Nicaea set aside a special day to celebrate the festival of Easter by Christians to signify the glory of resurrection every Sunday following its occurrence. There was always a confusion and arguments to celebrate whether any ordinary weekdays or specifically Sunday but later on was concluded on celebrating on Sundays only. There are different arguments given by different people.

To conclude with, Easter is celebrated with lots of joy and happiness there is spread of love and enthusiasm to celebrate the Re-birth of Lord Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on every Sunday liting up candle to glorify the light over darkness.