What is Good Friday

Why is it called and what happened on good friday

Good Friday is the day of crucifixion, the day when Lord Jesus Christ had sorrowful suffering and painful death. It is marked as a day of sorrow and still called Good Friday in spite of it being so bad. Then what is Good Friday? It is that Friday where Lord Jesus was crossed to a painful death.

It is called Good Friday because it was a plan opted by Lord Jesus Christ as a savior for his mankind. It was strategized to relieve people from pain and suffering.

It is also said that if this day would not have happened then there would be no celebration or happiness to celebrate Easter among people. Easter is marked as a day on which Lord Jesus Christ rose from the tomb. It is the celebration of the victory of good over bad.

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Good Friday facts such as it are called as mourning Friday. Moreover, it was marked as a day of crucifixion of Lord Jesus Christ. Few even say it was a corruption of Good Friday. Many more Good Friday facts are given in this page by us so that one can understand the meaning and true importance of good Friday and get answer to all his questions.

It is important for one to know the reason behind its happening and enlighten itself so that the true essence or purpose is achieved. People usually start good Fridays morning by visiting a nearby or local church and then if interested may attend some passion shows or events organized for this special day.

It is also observed that few people may fast on this day as to mourn in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. The main thing what every individual does is to pray specifically when it is 3.00pm.

Good Friday in India 2019 and Good Friday in USA 2019 is assumed to occur around 19 of the month of April that is before the Sunday of Easter. Everything happens for a reason so is true in this case. If there would be no crossing of Lord Jesus Christ there would be nor rebirth and eventually there would be no Easter.

After every night there is a beautiful sunshine. Easter comes with a raise of hope, glare of happiness among people with loads of joy. So this Good Friday start your day with good deeds and prayers, and make this year a special Good Friday with your loved once and near once.

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