Heart of Forgiveness. Bible Scripture Devotional: Bible Verse

Introduction: Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they are doing not understand what they’re doing.” and that they shared his garments by decision. Luke 23:34. This chapter is about how Jesus Christ died on the cross.

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Description: This daily bible verse speaks about how Jesus Christ crucified on the cross. The chief priests and scribes are accusing him. He was arrested and brought to the king of Herod. The Jerusalem people are shouting to hang Jesus. He carried the cross on his back before the Roman soldiers. He was brought to the place of the skull. He was hanged with two thieves who were placed at the right and left hand of Jesus.

The rope hardly beat Jesus Christ. Everyone accused him. He was stripped of his clothing. They divided his clothes among themselves. But Jesus Christ said to the Lord to forgive them because they don’t know what there are doing. If we are in that situation, we don’t sacrifice ourselves.

Jesus Christ loved us, and he obeyed his father’s word, so he sacrificed himself for our sins. He forgave those who wanted to harm him. Forgiveness is the most powerful quality. His forgiveness is eternal.

The ability to forgive needs strength, love. Even if the other person harms us, we need to forgive them. This is the most important characteristic of our God. So, we need to forgive them even though they did not forgive us.

Even though Israel people made many sins, they did not obey his commands, but God forgave them many times because he loves them. Even didn’t forsake them. If we repent before God, he will forgive us. Whenever we fall into sin, we feel that whether God loves us or not? Surely God loves us and forgives our sins.

We need to have a heart of forgiveness so that God will stay with us because he loves the man having a heart of forgiveness. If we read the word, God will talk to us why the problem occurred? Sometimes the problem occurs whenever we do wrong when we don’t forgive others.

When we receive his forgiveness, we receive his nature, and we will forgive others as Jesus did. We can achieve peace when we forgive those who have harmed us. Forgiveness is connected to love. If we love people even though they made mistakes, we need to forgive them because love covers all the mistakes.

Every day in our daily prayers, we need to ask God to forgive the ones who harmed us. If we have a heart of forgiveness, our life will be changed into a miraculous life. If we ask anything, God will give us, and he dwells in us to walk in a righteous life.

If we have hatred, anger, grudges on anyone, this will harm us because they are good to us. If we forgive them, then we don’t have these characters, and we can protect ourselves. If we truly forgive others, this makes us even stronger when we say sorry to others and make us feel peaceful.

Conclusion: Christian Music Portal come up with online daily scripture reading with the most inspiring Bible verse of the day that will make us grow more spiritually in God. We need to develop a heart of forgiveness to forgive others. We need to pray to God to that heart.

Even on the cross, Jesus forgave everyone, so we need to forgive everyone. Ask him to give his power and grace to forgive anyone. We need to love our enemies. This makes us a perfect human being.

Father Lord Almighty, make myself to forgive and love everyone. Grant me a heart of forgiveness. I pray, Amen.

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