What is Christian Marriage?

We’ve always heard about the Christian marriages being different, but the details about the ceremony rituals and the steps have always been unknown to most of us. What makes Christian marriages different from others is the belief that Christians have. According to the Holy Bible, marriage is a gift from God and it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

It is a public declaration of commitment and love between the two souls. This declaration is made in front of the close ones in a church ceremony.

What is Christian Marriage?

The institution of marriage in the Bible is believed to have originated with the first humans, whom we all know as Adam and Eve. Their bond was later affirmed by Jesus Christ, which was backed by the elaboration and instruction by the Apostle Paul.

However, in the recent times, especially in the Western Countries, Christian wedding ceremony traditions have become controversial issue. The increasing trend of homosexuality is causing further confusion as to who can marry and who has been asked, etc.

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What is Christian Marriage?

According to the Christian belief, marriage is not mainly about being in love, but it is about telling the truth with our lives. Marriage, according to the holy Bible, is about keeping covenant on display.

What Are Christian Wedding Rituals?

The answer to a common question “what is Christian marriage?” can’t be attained without understanding the Christian wedding ceremony traditions or its rituals.

The beautiful bring adorns herself in a shining, appealing white dress of while the groom sports a black tuxedo or suit, making him look very dapper Christian wedding ceremony traditions and steps. Of course, the rituals change according to the locations or the belief of the people as on many occasions, the bride also holds a bouquet in hand. The bouquet is tossed over her shoulder after the wedding ceremony is complete. It is believed that the person who catches this bouquet is next in line to married!

The rituals of Christian wedding are quite simple, yet elegant. In simple words, the significance of marriage in Christianity is all about exchanging wedding vows and gold bands as wedding rings.

The Christian wedding ceremonies also include some pre-wedding rituals for the sake of tradition, but mostly in the spirit of fun. The pre-wedding rituals of Christian traditions allow the bride and the groom to ease into this great event of their lives. Here are some common pre-wedding rituals of Christian weddings:

The Bridal Shower – This is also known as a hen party, where the would-be-bride and her female friends enjoy some fun before the marriage. This is one of the most amazing and fun times of the Christian marriage ceremony steps.

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What is Christian Marriage?

Bachelor’s Party – Similar to the hen party or bridal shower, a bachelor’s party is thrown by the grow-to-be for his male friends. It is also organized by the friends of the would-be-groom. It is also known as an all-stags party where the men make merry to the fullest.

Biblical Principles Of Marriage

Bride & Groom Keep Putting Jesus First & Keep Loving Jesus the Most – God loves us all with no conditions applied. The couple is advised to put Jesus before themselves and put him before they need to be right.

Remember Your Enemy—Satan! – Satan is one of your most ferocious enemies who always aim to destroy your marriage. So, it is important to stay together and keep supporting each other during tough days.

Take & Complete Your Responsibilities – As a couple, you both are responsible to not just yourselves, but for the others as well and for the planet too. Be mature and do what God commands.

Forgive Each Other – You love each other with all your heart. It is your responsibility to forgive the mistakes of your spouse, despite he (or she) repeating the same mistakes.

Speak Life Words to Your Spouse – When you are in trouble, take the support of the Lord, who is always there to help you. Always speak life-giving and helpful words to your spouse to maintain the unending love.

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What is Christian Marriage?

Respectfully Love Your Spouse – Be mature and love each other with all the depth of your heart. Challenges will be there, but what’s more important is how you respond and how you stay together during the tough times of life.

Christian marriages offer hope, love, and a life-long togetherness. All you need to do is to understand the significance of marriage in Christianity and learn how to live faithfully and sacrificially as Jesus did.

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