What was the first song in the Bible

The bible is not the songbook but there are at least 185 songs in the bible. You can find the songs in the bible for all the occasions. 150 of these songs are in the book of psalms and these psalms were written by many Israel leaders. The other two songs books are songs of Solomon and lamentations and they have six songs. Song of Solomon is an epic love song between the bride and groom and the lamentations are the songs mourning the fall of Jerusalem.

The longest song in the bible is the psalm 119 in Hebrew and the English language and it consists of 1732 words. The psalms are about how important the word of God is. The two shortest songs are found in second chronicles 5:13 and 20:21. These consist of seven words.

The first song in the old testament sung by Moses:

Moses is the first who sang the song in the bible and this happened when the Israel people safely crossed the Red sea. The song is found in the exodus 15th chapter. The song of Moses is also the last song which is found in the 15th chapter. This is about the worship that is set in heaven. In heaven, they sing two songs. One is the song of the lamb and the other one is the song of Moses. Heaven is still singing the songs of Moses because God really loves those songs. The Angel’s in heaven are singing the song that was written by the lowly man on the earth.

The first song in the old testament sung by Moses

The lyrics in the two chapters may be different but the message is similar. Songs of Solomon are the greatest of all the songs in the bible. The wise king Solomon wrote 1005 songs but the song of Solomon was his favorite.

The first song in the bible happened after the greatest miracle. God parted the red sea allowing the children of Israel to cross on dry ground and protected them from the pharaoh’s army. When Egyptians tried to cross the red sea, God shut the seas over them and washed away their chariots and horsemen. They were drowned in the sea but none of Israel were put to death. Nearly a huge crowd of Israel have crossed the red sea.

Israel walked through the Dead Sea from death into life. Then Moses and the rest of the people discovered their deliverances. Then Moses started to worship the Lord to that greatest miracle which was done by the lord. So they sang the glorious song. Not only Moses but the children of Israel sang this song and worshipped him gloriously. Moses high exalted the lord and he said lord is his strength and salvation. He is a warrior and has Majestic in power in his right hand. He is majestic in holiness and deserves the praises to him. He is a loving kind and leads the people. None of God can compare with him. He is the only one who can guide his people to his holy habitation. At last, Moses concluded the line by saying The Lord shall reign forever and ever.

This song is the first song of worship that was recorded in the bible. In the same way, we need to worship the Lord by remembering God is good all the time. We need to remember his agape love for his children. We need to praise and give thanks to the Lord for everything in our life. We need to sing songs from our hearts to praise him. Our cmportal.in has nearly 1 lakh songs of your favorite songs, you can download and hear the songs daily and God will be glorified.

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