Daiva Sneham Varnichidan Lyrics

Beautiful Malayalam worship song with beautiful lyrics

This is a Malayalam Christian song. This is the song that shows How God loves us. This song was sung by K J Yesudas. This is the Malayalam worship song. When you hear and sing this song you will be filled with the holy spirit. If you want to learn the song our cmportal.in site has provided Daiva sneham varnichidan lyrics. The lyrics are in both English and Malayalam language. You can download the lyrics free and learn the song to worship the Lord.

This is the song that was released in the year 2011, April 6th. On the demand of the viewers, our site provides daiva sneham varnichidan with lyrics in English. These lyrics can help you to learn the song and also the meaning of the song. When we understand the meaning of the song we can know the love of God more and more. So that we can worship him more and more with wholeheartedly. You can also download the daiva sneham varnichidan lyrics meaning. These are available in the form pdf.

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Daiva sneham varnnicheedaan vaakkukal poraaa..
Nanni cholli theerkkuvaanee jeevitham poraa
Kashtappadin kaalangalil rakshikkunna snehamorthaal
Etra sthuthichaalum mathi varumo

Swanthamaayonnumilla..sarvathum nin dhaanam
Swasthamaayurangeedaan sambathil mayangaathe
Mannin soubhaagyam nedaanaayalum
Aaathmam nashtamaayal phalamevide

Swpnagal polinjaalum dhukathaal valanjaalum
Mitrangal akannalum shatrukkal nirannaalum
Rakshaakavacham nee maaarathennalum
Angen mumpe poyaal bhayamevide

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