Two activities from Super Duper Bible Memory for your basic children

Wasn’t it wonderful for God to make the world so colorful? What is your favorite color? Blue, green, red, purple or chartreuse? You may not know what your favorite color is, but I bet your orange jelly beans your kids know. So why not have fun with colors and the word of God to help them remember their Bible verses? Here are 2 good and EASY Bible Listing Activities:

1. Color up After passing a Bible verse with your children, you can test them on their memorization by choosing a color. Everyone in the class who wears that color must stand up and say the verse together. Keep choosing new colors until you are sure everyone knows the verse.

2. Color Stomp For this memory shift activity, prepare a large square of construction paper for each child in the class. Choose many different colors. If you have a large group of children, you may have squares with duplicate colors. Now prepare a small square for each color chosen to go in a bucket or hat. I suggest you laminate all squares for long-term use. You are now ready to play the game.

Place the large squares in a circle and leave a child on a square. Now play music and let the kids walk around the circle. Stop the music indefinitely. Children should freeze on the nearest empty square. Now select a child to reach the bucket of small squares. Whoever stands on the chosen color should say the Bible verse. Play the game again and have fun.