Why read the Bible when you can sit back and read it to you

You hear the message almost every time you go to church or to a Bible study. This message is that the answer to life’s questions can be found in the Bible and you need to read it to find them. However; There are a few minor issues when it comes to setting good intentions in good deeds, as it involves reading the Bible as often as you would like.

Have fun listening to the Bible

First, it is a great book, which means it takes a lot of time to get through. It is also difficult to read with so many words and phrases that just seem so unfamiliar. In the end, it’s not as exciting as a good hundred pages of Western history or romance. So you sit in your chair, open it and start reading, and the next thing you know you will wake up and the clock will show that you have been sleeping for three hours.

Listen While You Nap

Why make it so hard for yourself? You can now get an audio version of the Bible online that you simply plug in your CD player and listen to. It is the same Bible that you have sitting in your living room word for word for word. This means that even when you fall asleep, it just keeps going and you can listen to it as you dive in and out of your hazy dream state.

Learn Bible Cover to Cover

Aren’t you just a little tired of slick speakers running across you with Bible characters? Half the time, you wonder if they are just doing things together and just swearing everyone. It’s so easy now to learn the Bible in its entirety, and that means you’ll be the one with all the knowledge and wisdom the next time one of these fake big talkers tries to run over you and your friends.

Listen to the Bible at any time

Listen to the Bible in your car, at night when you lay in your bed, or even from a portable CD player while out in the garden in the garden. If you come to a place you want to hear again, just tap on instant play and there it is again. With an audio version of the Bible, it takes a few days at most and you will have been clean through it.